This is music that I can't categorize and bands that play many different types of music. Music outside of the box.
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Fellé is a very busy man. Currently he heads the Monday’s concert series “Jazz in Aleina” in Santiago, is the musical director of the world music group “La Orquesta de las Danzas Mezcladas,” and released the album “Retreta para el alma”(this album can be located for downloading in his web site). Fellé is the creator and director of motivational percussion workshops offered at public and private schools called “Tocando la Vida,” (Playing the Life). He conducts  workshops based on percussion dynamics for corporate human resources departments called “SonTeam” and drum circles for groups called "Tambuteam". Fellé also designs and manufactures percussion instruments under his own trademark, “TOKITI”®. The percussion instrument called “Boombakiní”(percussion box), designed by Fellé 18 ago, is played by several Dominican and international musicians around the world. This is the first Dominican instrument that has being patented, something that makes Fellé very proud.

felle vega playing drums with soul
Fellé Vega, a native of  Santiago De Los Caballeros, defines himself as an “Imaginary Folklorist.” He is craftsman of rhythms and of the instruments from  which he creates his music. With these Fellé-made instruments he exhibits in his music a strong ethnic fusion that is the result of the African, Spanish and Taino influence ever-present in the Caribbean.

Devoted to finding “the sound of life,” Fellé has distinguished himself by his experimentation with recyclable materials and everyday objects that have percussive possibilities. These items include pails, lids, pots, and other items which he then turns into musical instruments. His use of such materials to create music has earned him, on many occasions, the title of “musical wizard” from Dominican music critics.

Fellé is percussionist, composer, inventor and instrument designer with a unique vision and style all his own. Over the course of his multi-faceted 25-year career he has shared the national and international stage with many notable artists. He has participated in numerous jazz festivals, has led several musical groups, and has served as instructor and lecturer at percussion workshops. He recently opened for Sting at his "Broken Music tour" concert in Altos de Chavon, La Romana.
Felle Vega playing at the Concierto Centro Cult de Espana-
felle vega playing one of his many unique instruments
Fellé uses many items that most would never imagine making a sound that could be pleasing to the ear.*note picture:playing the urinal..Don't try this at home..jeje
Fellé Vega, Concierto Centro Cultural de Espana-August 19,2005
This video shows Fellé Vega speaking and showing some of his instruments he has made himself (length 5:19min.)

When I heard the music of Fellé I enjoyed it much. When I found out he was the player and creator of the instruments he played, musician and artist combined, I was very impressed and enjoyed the music that much more. This is why I had to make such a large article and include pictures, music and a video. I'm happy to have permission to place this multi-talented human on my web site. Janette
Fellé Vega (includes video and song) | Luis Días (included a song) |
felle vega album cover
To purchase "Retreta Para El Alma" from
"Retreta Para El Alma"
Caribbean World music and fusion from Dominican Republic.
Luis Días also known as "El Terror" was born in Bonao, Dominican Republic in 1953. He died December 8, 2009 of a heart attack. He is considered to be the father/ creator of Dominican Fusion. He merges jazz, rock and blues with over 40 different ethnic rhythms from Dominican Republic and Haiti. 

His parents were musicians. His mother a singer, and his father a 'tres' player. While Luis was a teenager he joined several merengue and rock bands. He was a Psychology Major. While he was in collage he founded the band Convite. They played many different and obscure rhythms from many parts of the island of Hispaniola

Luis also functions as a music teacher in several schools of the NYC Board of Education. He is a composer whose songs have been recorded by many national and international recording artists including Shakera and Madonna. Some of his music has been in movies. He has also written books about the history of music.

To order the CD Radio Macana from
To order the CD Radio Macana from CD
luis terror dias singing his own style of music
luis diaz in concert
Listen to the song from the 2003 release Radio Mcana   
"Palacio de Justicia" 

To see the video of Fellé Vega and Juan Luis Guerra playing at Altos de Chavon as invited guests of Sting go to our page on Altos de Chavon.
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Video of the concert held May 2002 called "El corazon del pueblo" (The Heart of the People) at Hotel Jaragua, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.

See a video of Luis Diaz playing palos music - opens in new window.

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