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Dining and Food | Food Words
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Dominican Food Words
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*Bacalaítos - Cod Fish Fritters. These salted Cod (Bacalo) fritters can be served as a snack, side dish or main part of a meal. When prepared Dominican style they are filled with minced salted cod fish, onions and cilantro and sometimes with different variations of ingredients. These little fritters are nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

*Bacalao - Cod Fish

*Barbacoa - Barbecue. Food slow-cooked over an open fire or on a grill. This word originated from the Taino Indians. (This does not refer to the barbecue sauce). Here you can find many different foods cooked barbecue style both in restaurants and in the streets.

*Batata Frita - sweet potato fritters. They can be sliced round or in strips like French Fries or cut wider like Steak Fries. Sometimes they are fried simply with or without the skins and other times they can be dipped into cornstarch.

*Batata - Sweet potato. There are a few different varieties from white inside to red.

batida mango
*Bistec - Beef. This covers all types of beef be it steak or thinly sliced to be used in guisadas (stews)

*Bondelic (bizcochos de) - Prune cake. Also a very upscale bakery in Ensanche Julieta, Santo Domingo.

*Buche Perico - A stew made mostly of corn. The name translates to Parrots Gut.
*Batida - A blender drink made of different fruits. The fresh fruit is blended with milk (either Carnation milk or regular milk), sugar, sometimes vanilla is added, and ice. Very much like a milk shake but made with fruits. Batida de Fresa (Strawberry)  Batida de Lechoza (Papaya). A refreshing drink for any time of the day or night.

+click image to enlarge
*Berenjena - Eggplant. You can find this versatile vegetable prepared many different ways. One of the favorites is a stewed dish served as a salad or side dish.

*Biscocho - Cake. Dominican style biscocho is oh so wonderful. With or without icing you can purchase small cakes in local stores individually packaged. Some places sell the cake cut into triangles prepared by a local and sold in the local Colmado. You can also go to a bakery and purchase this sweet delight for parties decorated in a variety of ways.

+click image to enlarge Biscocho without icing.
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