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G - ge

Galillo - person with a loud voice
Gallina - chicken, a person that's afraid
Gato - cat, a robber
Gase - burp,belch,gas
glu-glu - like saying chug-chug in English; the sound one makes when drinking.
Gotea - to fall
Grajo - armpit odor, underarm stink, B O
Grillo - woman of ill repute, uses you then leaves you, usually has bad hair
Guachiman - watchman, private guard
Guagua - privately owned mini-van used as transportation
Guaifai - WiFi internet service
Guapo - Angry, mad or tough (in Spain Spanish Guapo (a) is handsome (beautiful) - un Guapo us a tough guy
¡ Güay ! - an expression meaning WoW!
¡Guay mi Mai! - An expressing meaning pain
Gueje, gueje - ridicule
Güira - metal instrument that is made of perforated metal and scrapped
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Dominicanismos Letters G Through M

LANGUAGE - The Way Dominicans Talk / Dominicanismo Dictionary page 3
Take some time to learn some  Dominicanismos - We have 4 pages in our basic words list. They are able to be accessed here by using the alphabet or you can go to each page separately here.
page 1, page 2, page 3. page 4. page 5

We have 4 pages in our basic words list. They are able to be accessed here by using the alphabet or you can go to each page separately here.
page 1, page 2, page 3. page 4. page 5
H - hache

Hanguia - to hang out. "Lets go hang out at the Colmado". Hanguiadero/ a is one who hangs. New York Latinos
    use this phrase.
Heavy - cool - "Que heavy." (How cool) "'Ta heavy" (That is cool)
Hijo de Machepa - a poor man who does not have anything "Son of bad luck"
Horripilante - terrible
Huidera/o - when a crowd runs to or from where something is happening, where the action is
I - i

Impueto - accustomed to, used to, customary
J - jota

Jablador or Hablador (jablador is more common) - liar
Jabladoraso - someone who exaggerates things or twist them to get what they want, stronger word than just Jablador.
Jalar - to put drugs up your nose
Jamona - a woman that is old (past 40 years old) and not married,
Jaro - aluminum vase to drink water , can be any size
Jarto/a - very tired of something or someone
Jeepeta - SUV truck
Jevón - girl,usually very beautiful
Joder - (a bad word) many bother someone; to make love to.
Joe - when you don't know someone's name you call them Joe
Jompear (yompear) - to jump start a car with jumper cables
Jumo - a drunk person
K - ka

¿K lo K? - (Que lo Que) - Whats up? Whats happenin'?
Kille-(literally broken glass) To be angry
Kimbo, po-pó, Jierro-pistol
Kukika, carabelita-cheep low quality item
L - ele      LL - elle

Lambón - is someone that goes to someone's home and eats and drinks their food without invite, flatters someone for personal gain
Lavagallos - literally rooster cleaner, bad rum was used to clean the game cocks wounds -bad rot gut liquor or firewater
lon pley - (long play) a record album
Loco - "Are you nuts!" = "¡tu ta loco!" calling someone crazy.
Lonchera - comes from English word lunch, used to describe a child's lunch box
Lua - a spirit protector
Lunche - lunch
Luz - electrical service, lights
M - eme

(la) macaste - you did it wrong, or you messed up
Machucar or Machacar - to smash or crush (as in I smashed my toe.)
Mai - mom; mamá; mother
Maipiolo - someone that is a match-maker. Looks for a partner for another, fixes someone up
MamaJuana - A typical Dominican drink made with herbs and roots with rum,honey and vine added. Some may have
     animal parts added supposed to be good for men's potency. More info on Mamajuana or to purchase Mamajuana.
Mandamás - big shot, boss
'Mano - short for hermano, brother. Used when greeting a good friend. "oye mi mano" ( "hey my brother")
Manso (man-so); Mansito - tranquilo; cool; relaxing; chillin'. Can also mean a non-aggressive domesticated animal.
Mala pata - bad luck, is the same as mala suerte
Mata - tree
Matantan - very street smart and hardcore individual
Maricon - gay man
Masamorra - athletes feet or foot disease
Mayimbe - boss, big shot
Medio Pollo - coffee with milk
Menta - mint, refers to all types of candy
Mishu - how to call a cat to come here (instead of saying pssspsssp)
Mol - Mall, as in shopping mall
Mono - monkey, a person that is annoying
Moños, greñas, pajón, corbeja, afro - used to describe frizzy hair
Montro (a) - dude, buddy, pal.
Morena, Moreno - the brown color of the skin. You will hear someone call out to another "Oy Morena!"
Moto - motorcycle
Motoconcho - motorcycle taxi (more on transportation Dominican style)
Muflé - a muffler
Muñecas Limé - the doll of limé was created in 1981 by sculpture Mere Liliana. The original is not made now
   but copies can be found in most gift shops around the country. It is a faceless clay figure in a long dress.
   More info about these faceless dolls.
Mu, Muo - dumb
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