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Dominican Slang Dictionary S Through Z - Page 5

LANGUAGE - The Way Dominicans Talk / Dominicanismo Dictionary page 5
Take some time to learn some  Dominicanismos - We have 4 pages in our basic words list. They are able to be accessed here by using the alphabet or you can go to each page separately here.
page 1, page 2, page 3. page 4. page 5

We have 4 pages in our basic words list. They are able to be accessed here by using the alphabet or you can go to each page separately here.
page 1, page 2, page 3. page 4. page 5
S - ese

Sacaliñar - to throw something (that they did) up in someone's face
Sacando chipa - Being very angry
Sacar chivo - to commit fraud (Trujillo is referred to as a chivo)
Samuro - non pure bread fighting rooster
Sanky Panky - Gigolo Dominican-style, comes from the words hanky panky
Saranana - skin allergy
Segundito - when you ask someone to give you a few seconds more time "Give me a second."
(hacer un) Serrucho - To collect money (maybe money owed to you)
Si Dios Quieres - If God wants. Many Dominicans say this after saying anything to show they are not arrogant.
Sica - poop, fecal matter
Sicote - smelly feet
Silebí - sealed beam, headlamp for an automobile
Silin - Ceiling
Siro - syrup (as in maple syrup)
Soba - caress
Sobacco - armpit
Soquín - an all around bad odor
Suape - a mop or the act of mopping.
Suape - someone that is very drunk "Tengo un suape" "I'm drunk."
Swiche ( in Spain Spanish - interrupter) - light switch
T - te

Tabaná - open handed smack on the face
Tacaño - when someone is cheep, does not like to spend money
Ta´en olla - bankrupt, broke
Ta' Pagao - when you have a connection with an important person in a high position
Ta to - OK. If you agree with something said. or ¿Ta to?; "Is everything OK?"
Teipi - scotch-tape, adhesive tape
ténis - tennis shoes
Teshir - T-Shirt
Te da una galleta or cocotaso - to slap someone
Te e´plota - to strike or hit
Tibiar - (the Spanish verb is entibiar) heating up water or soup on the stove
Tigre - tiger. used to describe a person that is a go getter, will do what it takes to get what he wants
Tinaco - large tank on the roofs of many buildings used to hold water for the times when the water runs out.
Tingola - a blow to the Adams Apple (la nuez de adán) with the fingers
Tirijala - discussion
Tiro, cartuchazo o plomazo - to shoot a gun or fire arm
Tisica - sickly, skinny, or gaunt
Tráfico  traffic police
Tripea - joke
(que)Tripeo - "What a pity." ("Que lástima")
Tutumpote - person in a good financial and economical situation
Tufo - bad odor, bad breath
tu ta' - (tu esta) you are - "¿Como tu ta'?" = "how are you?"; "¿Donde tu ta'?" = "Where are you?"
U - u

Una Fria-(cold one) - Una bien fria (really cold one) -what you say when you ask for a beer, you will usually
    receive a Presidente beer
V - ve

Vacano - something is cool. "That's cool" = "ta vacano"
Vacuencia - poop, fecal material; when you tell someone they are talking nonsense (shit). This one word can cover an entire sentence. "Your talking a bunch of crap!"
Vaina - (literally-vine) thing, "Give me that thing". Can be used as an exclamation like "Damn!" ("Que Vaina!") or
    can be used as if you were saying "That's a shit." ( "es a vaina"). This word can be used many different ways.
Vale - means a person from the campo/country person,
Veldá'? Son veldá - "Is it true?" ("Es verdad?") "Yes, it's true" ("Si, es verdad")
Verdugo - expert
Vestida de Novia - another name for a beer. The layer of ice on the outside of the bottle.
Vidrio inglés - (English glass) animal poop, when you're walking and you step on a pile of poop you stepped
    on an English glass.
Vientiocho - (28) crazy, loco
Viralata - used to describe a mixed bread dog usually brown, and the way they search for food in the garbage.
Vivaporu - Vicks Vapo Rub (a cure for everything)
Vividores - people who live of the money of others; ie. a man that lives on monetary gifts from another
Voladora - a small bus that has a certain route to follow
Volteo - when a plate is filled up with large portions of food
W - doble u / doble ve

Wepones - weapons
Wiki - whisky
Wiki-wiki - Clothing dye
X - equis
Y - i griega

Yeyo - a person highly upset or almost got a heart attack  “Le dio un yeyo”
Yilet - (Gillette) razor
Yola - small fishing boat. Many times used to sneak Dominicans into USA
Yunque - being in a fighting, roughneck mood.
Yuncazo - a type of fighting hit that makes you fee afterwards like you were hit with a bull.
Z - zeta

Zafacón - garbage can
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