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C - ce

*Caballo - person similar to a tigre but a little more decent
*Cabron - a large male goat,also means displeased
*Cacaito - candy
*Cacata - tarantula-type spider, bad woman (more on a cacata/ tarantula and a picture)
*Cacharra - a vehicle in bad shape
*Cachu - when you can do something fast and not complicated, easy for you "Cocinar arroz es cachu para el dominicano"
*Caco - head
*Cacú - someone with a large head
*Cajeta - bag, can have many meanings depending on the context
*Callejones - a small road, alley. A side road with no lights where delinquents, robbers and other shady people hang out.
*Can - Celebration or party
*Canillas - skinny legs
*Canoa - canoe
*Carajo  - (pronounced ca-rah-ho) - a way to say damn! or hell! without sounding too awful vulgar.
*Carey - tortoise shell
*Carro - car (coche)
*Carro Publicos - public taxis (more on transportation)
*Cepillo - an old volksweign
*Chepa - (used much in the Cibao region) luck
*Champola - a drink made of guanábana and milk.
*Champú - Shampoo
*Chancleta - flip flop, sandal
*Chata - when a person hasaflat behind, no bum. It is the small back pocket sized alcohol bottle. Many men carry a chata in their pocket
*Chatica - the flat bottles of rum that easily fit into a pocket
*Checkear - to check, investigate
*Chele - Centavo, penny
*Chepa - stroke of luck,"que chepa!"Que Cheposo!"-"what luck"
*Cherchar - to talk in an animated way. Came from people gathering after church
*Chichí - a baby boy
*Chichigua - kite
*Chicle - chicklet, the gum
*Chimicuí - can be a bad odor or a bad looking face
*Chin - a little bit "chin chin" ("dame un chin" - give me a little bit)
*Chininin o Chililin - a very little bit, smaller than chin
*Chinchilín - blackbird-used to describe a really bad odor
*Chivito harto de jobo - (pronounced-chivito jartuejobo) someone that thinks their important but really they are no one
*Chivo - goat, to be suspicious of something. doubtful, doesn't have trust in a person (cabra)
*Chol - Shorts, Short Pants
*Chopa - a not nice word meaning a cleaning lady or domestic servant. It is very rude to call someone this
*Chopo - a person of the lowest class- very rude (do not call anyone this)
*Chula - sugar mama, a term of endearment used frequently in the streets.
*Chulea - to cover with kisses
*Cicote - foot odor
*Cielito - (literally little piece of heaven) used to describe a small tip that is customarily given as a reward
*Cloo - club
*Cloro - "tu ta cloro" "estas cloro" - the word cloro is used instead of the word claro (clear). So it would mean I understand, you  are coming across very clear.
*Cloro - Clorox, bleach
*Cobrador - fare collector on a guagua
*Cocaleka - popcorn
*Cocote - neck (of a person)
*Cocuyo or Cucuyo - firefly, lightning bug, also known in legends as nimitas (the legend of nimitas)
*Colín - Machete
*Colmado - corner store in most neighborhoods. Sells drinks, food, necessities. Anything and everything.
*Colmadón - a larger version of a Colmado. Usually has music, dancing, food. Closely resembles a local bar
*Compai / Copai - Compadre, friend
*Comparona - person who likes to show off
*Con flei - corn flakes, all cold cereals are called by this name
*Concho - (Con-Cho) - 1) a softer non curse form of the word damn (coño). 2) moto-concho - short way of saying public taxi 
*Coño - an expression close in meaning to Damn! (a little vulgar). Can also mean a woman's private part (very vulgar)
*Cota - the dirt in the creases around the neck
*Cote - Kotex
*Cotorra - parrot, a person that talks too much. Cotorra tuya.
*(una) Crica - a little bit, the same as saying un chin or un poquito.
*Cuartos - money
*Cuero - a female sanky panky. A woman that picks up tourists, claims love and uses them for cash, gifts and other gains. Usually a resort worker. This is not a nice word to use casually.
*Cuquear - to bother
*Cutafara - Ugly woman
*Cuté - nail polish
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Dominicanismos Letters C Through F

LANGUAGE - The Way Dominicans Talk / Dominicanismo Dictionary page 2
Take some time to learn some  Dominicanismos - We have 4 pages in our basic words list. They are able to be accessed here by using the alphabet or you can go to each page separately here.
  page 1, page 2, page 3. page 4. page 5

We have 4 pages in our basic words list. They are able to be accessed here by using the alphabet or you can go to each page separately here.
page 1, page 2, page 3. page 4. page 5
A New Perspective on Afro-Dominican Spanish  | Many more Dominicansimos are written in this blog Frases del Patio | Would you like to talk Baseball Dominican style?  |  PDf version of the book Como Hablamos Los Dominicanos
D - de

*Dame Lu (dam-e-loo) - a greeting "What's up?" or "What's happenin'?" literally give me light (enlighten me)
*Deguabine-someone in bad physical shape
*Deplayarse - laying around for hours doing nothing, maybe laying in bed and watching tv
*Detutanao - canceled
*¿Dime ave? (deemeh-a-be)  "Whats up?" "Tell me what's going on" (literally enlighten me, tell me so I can see)
*Dímelo? - sort of like "What's happenin'", "How are you?", used much when answering the phone
*¡Diachi! - it's a way to soften the word diablo (devil). Used in place of the word damn ie: "Diache! You look good" or Diache! I stubbed my toe. Also can be astonished or surprised. (gracias Tito for the definition)
*Dios te Bendigas  - God bless you respond with "Amen")
*Dí que - similar to saying "uhhmm" place of a pause in a sentence, uh el Dueño, el Amo - Landlord, Boss
*Dry Clean - to clean up yourself especially before a party or after going to the beach
E - e

*Emparchao-when the stomach hurts from indigestion
*Emperchado-someone that dresses in the high fashion of the time
*Enchulao-to be in love
*Enchumbao-to be full of it; I am all wet, used to refer to wet shoes after a rain
*Enculillarse-to have a bad itch
*Enjaretar-(verb) gorge on food, when your really hungry this is what you do.
*Eringarse-(verb) describes the Dominican way of borrowing money, spending it, borrowing more without paying it back.
*Esprie-Sprite (the soda)
F - efe

*Fantamoso - person who likes to show off
*Fariseo - someone from another country that is not nice to the locals, a bad foreigner.
*Faybo - Facebook 
*Ferré/ Darce Ferré - to fix ones self up, to make up ones self
*Fiao - on credit, many Colmados and local vendors will take credit if they know and trust you.
*Fifty - Fifty - a high class person
*Fó - expression used before a word for a bad scent
*Fotostática - photocopy
*Fuego - used when you agree with something someone said.
*Fui - Normally this word means "I went" but Dominicans use this for the word culo or butt.
*Fulano, perensejo y sutanejo - used when you don't know a persons name (what's his name?)
*Fuljean - Full jeans..when a woman fills out her jeans nicely
*Fulillo /fuí - Anus
*Funda - bag, shopping bag (Spain Spanish the word is bolsa which in DR it is a mans ball bag (not nice))
*Fuñir/ Fuñe - to bother,annoy
*Freco - To get fresh (sexually or verbally), smart mouth (really spelt fresco meaning fresh but usually said without the "S" in this form)
*Fregada - bother, hassle, nuisance
*Freta - when a woman's nipples are cold and erect
*Furufa - an ugly woman, not nice
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