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Dining and Food | Food Words
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Dominican Food Words
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*Cachú or Kachu - Your basic tomato condiment Ketchup.

*Cajuilito (Solimán) - A small pear-shaped fruit that is nicely sweet with a crunchy texture and very few seeds. They are a  pink to white color sometimes turning bright red when they are over-ripe. They can be eaten fresh or made into juices and jams. You can see vendors along the streets selling these small fruits. Ask for a taste of one.

*Cana - Sugar cane. Sold by vendors on street corners and just about everywhere. You can buy these natural pealed sticks for munching on. Make sure you keep the bag or have a place to spit the discarded the pulp after you have removed the juice. You can also get the juice squeezed if you desire.

*Carnasion - Carnation milk

*Carne molida - Ground Beef

*Casabe - Cassava. More information on Casabe and Casabe Bread.

*Catibia - flour made from fresh yuca.

*Cerdo - Pork

*Cajuil - Cashew. The interior is the cashew NUT or seed (semillas) called Marañon. The outside of the fruit is made into sweets that are very tasty. There are many different types of this fruit from nice and round to long and flat. You can purchase Cajuil nuts and Cajuil Dulce, the sweet fruits, in many road side stands and markets.

+click image to enlarge - jars of cajuil dulce
jars of cajuil dulce
*Calabaza - West Indian type pumpkin

*Calamares - A smaller squid that is tenderer than the larger octopus or pulpo

*Camarones - shrimp

*Cangrejo - SEE Jaiba - Crab.
*Cereza - The Barbados cherry is the common cherry here in DR. It grows on a large bushy type shrub or tree. It gets small pink flowers with the fruits being ripe from April to October. The tree produces bright red cherries that are very tart with 3 seeds inside. They are very high is vitamin C. The fruits can be purchased throughout the country. They can be made into a wonderful juice.

+click image to enlarge
*Champola - milk mixed with the guanábana fruit

*Cebada - Barley

*Chen Chen - pudding made with cornmeal

*Chicharrone / Chicharones - Fried pork skins. One can usually purchase these in the streets carried on the shoulders of street vendors. Topped with a special vinegar sauce or límon these are very greasy, not that good for you. But they are sooo tasty that once you have tried them you won't be able to resist making the guy stop to sell you a little bit (un chin)

*Chimichurri - Chimi - A hamburger Dominican style.

*China/ Jugo de China - Orange/ Orange juice. You can also call this fruit Naranja.

cereza cherries, and seeds
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*Coco Tierno - Coconut and milk sweetened to make a puddling like desert.

*Coliflor - Cauliflower

*Concón - The burnt rice on the bottom of the pan. It is very good to eat (make concón - new window)

*Cremor - Cream of tartar

*Crinchí - Cream Cheese
*Coco de Auga - The water inside a green coconut. Very refreshing. Information about the Cocoero Street Vendor

+click image to enlarge
coco de auga - coconut and coconut water
buy dominican republic mamajuana
*Chivo - Goat

*Chivo Picante or Chivo Liniero - Spicy goat 

*Cho-Cho or Tayota - Little squash

*Chofan - Dominican twist to the Chinese dish chow fan. This is a rice dish made with bacon,chicken and/or fried pork skin. Added in are egg, garlic, onions and other ingredients that are different according to the cook.(get the recipe for Chofan - opens in a new window)

*Chuleta ahumada - Smoked pork chop

*Chuleta al Carbon - Grilled pork cutlet

*Chuletas de Res - Beef Cutlet

*Churrasco - Skirt Steak. Usually charcoal grilled wit lots of spices.

*Ciruela - Prune (Ciruela Seca-dry prune)

*Chinola - Passion fruit. This fruit has a tart sweetness that is wonderful made into juice and ice cream. It is also great eating this messy fruit fresh from the skin (easer if eaten with a spoon)

+click image to enlarge
chinola - passion fruit