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Colonial Zone and Dominican Republic

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Grocery Stores

Casa Tejeda Nuñez
A new grocery store in the Colonial Zone. The owner Billy, used to run a Colmado and decided to make a self-serve shopping store  instead. It is nice and clean with new items being added to the inventory daily. They sell all the basics plus hot sandwiches, natural juices, fruits, vegetables, meats and much more. Credit cards accepted in house, not for delivery.
Contact for Delivery Service: 809-686-3950 / 809-689-0095
Hours: Every day from 7AM to 11PM
Location: Arzobispo Portes #116, between 19 de Marzo and Hostos, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, RD (see map)

Tienda Naturista La Cafeteria
A little shop on the Conde selling many natural and organic products. They sell whole wheat breads, cookies, crackers and flour. Also carrying a nice selection of dry fruits, trail mixes, vitamins and more.
Hours vary.
Location: Calle el Conde #253, next to El Cafeteria (the coffee shop), between 19 de Marzo and Duarte, Colonial Zone

Super Mercado Nacional
This super market has a wide variety of local and imported items. Many say this is the best market in the country. Also known to be one of the cleanest markets with a helpful, caring staff. You can even purchase tickets to many of the concert events throughout the country here.
This is the best place to buy some Dominican coffee and other Dominican foods to take back home with you. Also, the alcohol is cheaper here than in the Colmados or gift shops.
If you have many bags to carry and are staying close, let a guy carry your things for you. Its inexpensive (depending usually $20 pesos is sufficient, $50 is even better!) and it helps them out also. Even if you give them a few pesos for packing your bag they will love you.
Locations: The newest location - Calle el Conde and Duarte, Ciudad Colonial
                Sucursal Máximo Gómez, 809-688-4452
                Sucural Lope de la Vega 809-227-2144
                Sucural 27 de Febrero 809-565-5541

Going to a Colmado, Colmadon, Bodega or whatever other names given to the local corner stores scattered throughout the streets of Dominican Republic is a must do. Here is where the locals gather to hang with friends and neighbors. Some of these stores are very small and unassuming while others are large with bright lights, loud music and packed full of people. You can purchase almost any type of food item in the smallest sizes and even get the stuff delivered. Get a spoon of ketchup, 1 egg, a cigarette (yes, you can purchase just one if you so desire) or some fresh fruit and veggies. Get a cold soda, a fresh juice or even a sandwich (ask for a piece of bread and a few slices of cheese and meat and make your own for an inexpensive meal). They usually sell bottles of almost all types of alcohol. Many even offer a shot out of these cute little machines.

It is fun to get a nice cold beer, a soda or a bottle of water and sit down to relax with the locals. The beer here is much cheaper than in a bar or restaurant. Most Colmados have music playing, usually very loud. Some have TV's where you can watch whatever is on which many times it is a baseball game, the beloved sport of the country. If you want to make some friends, even if you do not speak the language, buy a large beer, get a few plastic glasses and offer a glass to some of the people sitting around. Sit inside if there is room or take a chair and sit outside on the sidewalk and watch the passers by (make sure as to not block the sidewalk). Many places people even dance no matter the hour. It is alot of fun. So do not feel afraid to enter one of these places. Everyone usually is very friendly and love to meet foreigners.

Colmado Los Muchachos
A great place to sit and hang out with the locals. They have some bar type stools to sit on and also enough room to sit around small tables with friends. At times there are even people dancing to some local tunes. They have a lottery machine there and also they project the Baseball games on the wall and have 2 televisions usually with some type of sports showing. Open from 7AM to 12PM.
Address: corner of Nouel and Sanchez, Colonial Zone
phone: 809-688-8406 or 809-682-9524 for home delivery service

Super Colmado Brisas del Mar
This Colmado is quite large and is usually busy, especially in the evenings. the weekend nights you can find this place usually packed full with people hanging around the outside and sitting in the park across the street. Here you can sit and enjoy the breeze coming off the Caribbean sea in front of one of the original walls of the Colonial zone. It is directly across from the Puerta de la Misericordia/ Gate of Mercy.
Also in the evening in the front of this Colmado there is a street vendor selling frituras. Frituras are a variety of fried meats and foods. Don't let the look of them scare you away. You must give them a try. They are really quite good and are a great compliment for a ice cold beer or some rum and coke.
Directions:Palo Hicado and Arzobispo Portes in Cuidad Nueva on the border of Colonial Zone
Phone: 809-682-7528

Bodega Colonial
There is always music but it is not deafening. They also offer hot sandwiches that are quite tasty. The staff is very friendly and make you feel right at home and they speak a little English. There is lots of room for sitting and dancing also. Lottery machine. Be sure you tell them you saw their information on this web site.
Open weekdays until midnight, Saturday and Sunday until 2AM.
Directions: Arzobispo Merino #101 (2 blocks from the Malecon), Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phone: 809-685-6113 and 809-685-3451 for delivery to your home or hotel

Rinconcito de Don Guillermo
This small Colmado has a great location if front of the Ruins of San Francisco. They have tables where you can sit and have a drink under an umbrella. They even will bring your drink to your table. In the evenings on most nights there is a grill set up where you can get some good food. Groupo Bonje plays in front on Sundays.
Contact - 809-688-3110 for delivery service
Location - Calle Hostos #349, Ruinas de San Friancisco, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Grocery Stores and Colmados
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