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When your on a public beach or staying at a resort there always seems to be some type of boat close by. Taking a boat trip to the marine caves of the Gri Gri Lagoon near Sosúa, or riding a little peddle boat that has the little slides built in to the back. There are the small catamaran boats (most resorts teach and lend out these boats to their guests) and of course the famous banana boat rides for a fee.

You can learn how to fish from the shore (as many Dominicans still do), go out in a small boat to fish on the reefs, or charter a boat and fish for the big ones. There are hotels or private companies where you can charter a boat or join a group of people chartering a boat and go on an off shore fishing trip for marlin, sailfish, dorado, bonitos and other game fish.

A private boat at Playa Palenque, San Cristobal, where you can pay by the hour for a ride
If you are brave you can ask a person on the beach with their boat how much for a ride and jump aboard. The picture is a private boat at Playa Palenque, San Cristobal, where you can pay by the hour for a ride. Please note if you chose to go into an unlicensed-uninsured boat you are traveling at your own risk. If you do decide to go far out to sea with a local who is not a licensed tour operator make sure the boat is safe. See that it has life preservers, safety equipment and a working radio. Most of all, make sure you have confidence in this person and the person that recommended him. If not, stick with the licensed operators to be safe.

A few organized tours - trips
Punta Cana Scubadoo Underwater Adventure, Glass Bottom Boat Tour and Afternoon Cruise - Bavaro, Dominican Republic
There is river fishing or just sightseeing in flat-bottomed boats with guides that can be arranged at La Romana, Boca de Yuma and on the north coast. Exploring a river by boat is a real experience one you should try if you get the chance.

Tropical Storm Bavaro Cruise - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Bay of Sosua Catamaran Cruise and Snorkeling - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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Mike's Marina Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Licensed game fish operator located in All Charter Boats are Based at the Cap Cana Marina Docks. Come by the Cap Cana Marina Piers #C28 and #C29 early morning or just stop by the Cap Cana Marina Office at any time.
Make a reservation and don't worry about finding them. They will pick you up in the lobby of all the hotels on the east coast of the island.
Contact: 809-729-5164  Tell Mike we sent you!

Mike says, "Our local waters here on the east coast of Dominican Republic are known worldwide to be one of the top destinations for Marlin fishing. In my opinion, fishing for the White Marlins is the best of all fishing."

Picture is a White Marlin in the catch and release program.
release of white marlin
Some of the game fish varieties and descriptions that one can find in Dominican Republic seas

Atlantic Blue Marlin - dark blue back with light blue stripes - silver under belly - tail and fins electric blue - good eating.

White Marlin - dark blue back - silver underbelly - striped run along body - dark blue spots on dorsal fin - good eating.

Atlantic Sailfish - silver underbelly - spotted with dark and light blue in vertical rows - high dorsal fin - long fins with a membrane - long slender bill

Skipjack Tuna - dark purple-blue - sometimes with lavender vertical spots on the back - silver underbelly -  4/6 long, dark bands/stripes on lover part of the body - EXCELLENT EATING

Yellowfin Tuna -  bluish green tones on back - body has a yellow stripe - Small fins dark edged yellow - tail dark - EXCELLENT EATING

Mahi Mahi - green/electric blue upper body - gold or electric silver underbelly - Great Eating
Barracuda - blue-grey upper body that is very elongated - silver/random dark spots on lower body - razor-sharp teeth - Pointed head - CHECK BEFORE EATING, some fish carry ciguatera

Wahoo - dark blue/wavy or Y shaped striped upper body - silver underbelly - electric blue to silver colored - upright tail - lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw - Excellent eating

King Mackerel - dark bluish purple back (sometimes with lavender spotting) - 4/6 dark long wavy stripes on silver underbelly - barred body -  Very good eating

Big Marlin Tours
Fishing Charters, Excursion and Sightseeing tours on a beautiful 42 feet motor yacht, Ocean Super Sport. It has a spacious cabin with white leather couches, TV, Bar, Shower Bathroom. There is a ladder for easy access to the sea for snorkeling, swimming or relaxation. The yacht is equipped with top class equipment for deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean (Penn International, Shimano, Rapala). It is navigated by a local Dominican Captain with more than 7 years of experience. Day and evening sightseeing trips are available.
Location: South Shore of the Dominican Republic in Boca Chica.
Contact: 809-360-1870
To see some amazing underwater photography of the Dominican Republic check out our collection -  Under the Caribbean Sea with Buddy. Beautiful images of the aquatic life under the waters of Dominican Republic

*Aqua Adventure   Sosua/ Puerto Plata  809-571-1868
Caribbean Marine Vacations  Puerto Plata  809-320-2249
Colmin   Boca Chica  809-710-5474
Colmin CxA   La Romana   809-399-7426

*Ocean World Marina
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Contact: 809-291-2280

*Marina Club Nautico Haina Inc
on the Rio Haina
Santo Domingo
Contact: 809-539-7313

*Marina Casa de Campo
La Romana, Dominican Republic
Contact: 809-523-2112

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