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There are many churches and denominations in Dominican Republic. It is no problem to worship in the religion of your choice. Catholic is the recognized religion of the country and the church has much say on the way the country is run.

Churches/ Iglesias in the Colonial Zone area       (Convents, Parishes, Temples)
Read about the historical churches in Colonial Zone

Iglesia El Tabernáculo De las Asambleas de Dios / Assembly of God
Services are in Spanish and for the hearing impaired. All are welcome to attend they are very friendly and inviting. If you do not speak Spanish just let them know and they will try and find someone to interpreted the service for you.
Tuesday/ Martes 7:30PM, Thursday/ Jueves 7:30PM, Saturday/ Sábado (youth service) 7:30PM, Sunday/ Domingo (Sunday school) 9:30AM and church 11:00AM.
Pastors Francisco and Ana Rosa Morrobel email:
church phone: 809-685-3058 home:809-685-9866 cellphones: 809-268-4376 and 829-386-3886
Padre Billini #366 and Santome, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Casa del Sacremento - Isabel La Católica #55
Vicaria Episcopal de Pastoral Educativa  809-685-3298
Plan Pastoral Arquidiósesis de Santo Domingo  809-685-7272
Arquidiócesis Vocacionales Sacerdotes  809-686-8107
Arzobispado de Santo Domingo  809-689-8676
Conferencia Del Episcopado  809-688-7270

Iglesia Santa Bárbara  (click to read the history of the building)
Isabel la Católica #409    phone:809-682-3307

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Patio - House of Sacrament/ Casa del Sacramento
Iglesia Universal del Reyno de Dios
Av Duarte #29. Colonial Zone
809-682-0211 , and 809-221-0942

Iglesia Pentecostés Dios Es Amor
Av Duarte #6

Parroquia Perpetuo Socorro
Altagracia #21

Parroquia San Miguel
Jose Reyes #214

Iglesia Adventista Del 7mo Día
Av Mella #405

Iglesia Cristiana Tabernáculo
Padre Billini #366

Iglesia Cristiana Inc
Pina #258

Iglesia La Altagracia
Hostos #354

Parroquia del Carmen C Monjas
Sanchez #164

Padres Franciscanos Capuchinos
Mercedes #309

Parroquia Nuestra Señora Del Carmen
Sánchez #162

Iglesia Bautista Metropolitana
Arz Portes #453, Colonial Zone

Comisión Episcopal Pastoral
Isabel la Católica #110

Clínica Gómez Patino
24 hour Emergency Room     Contact: 809-685-9131
Directions: Ave. Independencia #701, Gazcue, Santo Domingo

Clínica Abreu
Highly recommended. This Clinic has 6 floors of private rooms and suites. With an intensive care unit and an emergency room that is open 24 hrs a day.  PHONE: 809-688-4411
Directions: Calle Beller #42, Gazcue, Santo Domingo,

UCE Medical Center (Emergency services)    Contact: 809-688-9511.
Directions: Máximo Gómez, Santo Domingo

Clínica Abel González        Contact: 809-682-6001
Directions #101 Independencia, Gazcue, Santo Domingo

Electricity in Dominican Republic is not very reliable. In most parts of the island there are power outages everyday. Usually these outages only last a few hours but sometimes they have been known to go on for days. In areas where people pay for their electric there is less chance for the electric to go out. Many parts of the country get  free electric or they steal the power. Most Hotels have back up generators and plants to supply power to their guests 24/ 7. Other hotels may have back up power but only to supply power to the most important things (lights and maybe a fan). Many homes and businesses have back up power in the form of a generator, batteries that charge while there is power or some other devise to supply them with the basic electric needs. Most are accustomed to these power outages and have accepted these temporary blackouts as part of everyday life.

When the power does go out and there is no back up power just go with the flow. You will hear "se fue la luz!" "There goes the lights!" and in most parts of the country the people will go out to the street to visit the neighbors and talk until the power is restored. Just remember when the power is out for long periods of time you cannot get a cold beer unless the business has a generator. so keep this in mind for when you want to go out when there is no power.

Electric Companies  Some of these web sites give one an idea of when your electric will be turned off. They have a schedule so you can adjust your use of electrical things with their schedule. Only in Dominican Republic....jejej
La Superintendencia de Electricidad de la República Dominicana (Electric Superintendent)
Directions: Calle Gustavo Mejía Ricart # 73, and Calle Agustín Lara, Ens. Serrallés, Santo Domingo
Mailing Address: Apartado Postal #1725, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
Contact: 809-683-2500  Fax:  809-544-1637      E-Mail/ Correo Electró,

EDEEste   AES Distribuidora Del Este
809-596-1099 or 809-200-1099 (anywhere in DR without charge)

EDENORTE         Union Fenosa/Edenorte
Av Tiradentes #47, San Francisco de Macorís
Contact: 809-725-0422  (anywhere in DR without charge)



To check and see the scheduled Electric / Power outages check Portal de Circuitos, Corporación Dominicana De Empresas Eléctricas Estatales (CDEEE)

A little story in the Dominicana Gringas Blog about learning how to live without electricity (sin luz). Watch a video of a man hooking up illegally and stealing electricity atop a pole.

Water / Auga in Dominican Republic has always been a problem. For the most part the potable water (drinking water) needs to be purchased in bottles as the water supply is not that clean, especially in the cities. You can purchase small bottles, by the gallon or the big blue water bottles called "bote llón de agua" (pronounced botayoun). For the large bottles you will have to either purchase the bottle or give a deposit. Then you trade the empty bottle for a full bottle and just pay the price for the water from then on. The local Colmados (corner stores) will deliver these bottles to your home as needed, just give them a call. (A few good Colmados that deliver in the Zona Colonial)

The water in many areas does run out. Many people have a tank or tinaco on the roof of the home or businesses that holds a back up water supply incase the water or power is out. You can see these big black round tanks on the rooftops all over the country. Remember outside of the hotel,  most people place their toilet paper/ papel higiénico into the trash can and not in the toilet. Most septic systems cannot handle the paper.
When you go into a restaurant and ask for water they usually give you bottled water. Some will have the big blue bottle and pour you a glass from this. Just make sure that it is bottled water if they do this. Most businesses use bottled water to make ice. The bagged ice that used in most places is normally safe to use. Once you leave the city it is wise to inquire as to what the ice was made with (that is if there is electric to freeze the water), just to be safe. Be careful of the frio frio /snow cone and some other vendors in the street. Most do not use the ice that is purified. If you want to indulge in this refreshing treat please ask first about the ice.

Water Companies
*AES  Distribuidora Del Este        809-596-1099 or 1-809-200-1099 (anywhere in DR without charge)
*ACUEDUCTO   809-562-3535
*CENTRO DE OPERACIONES        809-562-2343 or 809-563-2333

Truck delivering 5 gallon bottled water (bote llón de agua)
+click to enlarge
Truck delivering 5 gallon bottled water (bote llón de agua)
Patio - House of Sacrament/ Casa del Sacramento Cuidad Colonial

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Local Hospitals and Clinics
*NOTE* Here in Dominican Republic a Clinic is privately owned and operated. If you are a tourist and need to go to the hospital a clinic would be the place to go. They are privately run, are more costly but the service is more like the hospitals at home (USA). The Hospitals are public and are run by the government and are free or very low cost but they will not perform all the services that you might need for an emergency.
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