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There is a Taino Village which reconstructs the culture and folklore of the original inhabitants of Dominican Republic. One can visit with and touch the iguanas, flamingos, tropical birds, snakes, crabs, sea lions and more..
Manati Park, in collaboration with various National and International Institutions, develops educational, research and reproduction programs on the indigenous species of the Dominican Republic that are in danger of extinction
Manatí Park Bávaro Ctra. Manatí, s/n, Bávaro/Higüey
Contact::809-221-9444 or 809-552- 6100   Fax: 809-221-9282
Hours: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Manati Theme Park is a  amusement park focusing on nature, animals and the history of Dominican Republic. The park gives one a rare experience to go swimming with dolphins! There are  horse, parrot, dolphin and sea lion shows.
Park of Three Eyes of Water/Parque Los Tres Ojos de Agua
Daily 8am-5pm
This park is an amazing cave complex that has 4 underground lagoons. Yes, it is called 3 eyes of water because the last lake was discovered after the place already had it's name and they didn't change it.  The beautiful turquoise waters are so transparent due to the sodium and calcium carbonate that comes from an underground river,called Brujuelas, that flows through a very impressive cave. This is a beautiful place to see. You may recognize the location as several Tarzan movies have been filmed here. As you come upon the setting it looks as if there is nothing there. There are stone steps that decent deep into the earth. Then you see it. Far down into the earth, it is a dizzying effect. The water is so clear. I even saw a craw fish that was the strangest blue color I have ever seen walking along the bottom of one of the lakes. After your to the bottom and look up from one of the lagoons you can almost picture Tarzan diving from the top of the cliff like side. Then you mount a small raft type boat and take a ride into the cave.
* It is cold so remember to take a light jacket with you. Also I would suggest wearing non-slip soled shoes. The floor is damp.
This is a must see. (picture-new window)
Hard to believe this place is only about a 10 minute drive from the center of the city of Santo Domingo along the Las Américas Highway across from the eastern border of Parque Mirador del Este in Santo Domingo

Dolphin Island Park
Snorkel With Dolphins is the newest and most popular activity in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
A large floating platform in the ocean just off the beach at the Barcelo
Beach Resort Hotel, makes an enclosure that is great for the dolphins. If you are
planning a trip to the Punta Cana area, don't miss out on this wonderful experience.
Acuario Nacional de la República Dominicana/National Aquarium
Directions: Avenida España # 75, Sans Soucí (located in the Los Mameyes area), Santo Domingo
Contact: 809-766-1709
Hours: 9:30AM to 5:30PM Tuesday thru Sunday
Opened in 1990, the National Aquarium has a modern, open-air design. Located just a short drive out of the city it overlooks the Caribbean. There are roughly 3,000 live specimens of 250 species of marine life. Included are giant turtles living in their natural habitat and glass-enclosed exhibits where sharks can be closely observed. There is also a display tank with a tunnel-like walkway right through the center permitting visitors to observe the fish from all sides.There are lectures and guided tours every day, most are in Spanish.

Mount Isabel de Torres Cable Car This mountain that looms high above Puerto Plata has a cable car ride to it's top.  The ride can be a little frightening but once you have reached the top the view is breathtaking. Depending on the weather and cloud cover one can see the whole town of Puerta Plata. As you ride up this cable car you will enter the clouds as you rise to the top of this mountain. Once you have reached the top there is a beautiful garden. It will feel like you are entering heaven. It is cooler up on top than it is below. The main problem, as with many of the tourist attractions here, are the tour guides that hound you to pay for their services. Don't be fooled, you don't necessarily need their services in this spot. You decide to use them fine, but don't let them pressure you into using their services.
Jardin Botanico Nacional Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso/The National Botanical Garden (pictures-new window)
The garden has 500 acres and many trails and roadways for wandering free to experience Dominican Republic's tropical flora and birds. Their anual Orchid show is beautiful to see. To read more about the garden go to our National Parks and Reserves page
The Mirabal Sisters Museum/Museo   Here can be seen where the Mirabal girls lived. Their personal belongings and collections. And the items that were with them on that fateful day 3 of them were murdered. To learn more of the museum and the Mirabal Sisters check out our page about these 3 sisters and the 4th sister that has been keeping their memory alive.
Contact: 809- 577-2704
Directions: Km 1, Carretera Salcedo Tenares, Conuco, Salcedo, Dominican Republic

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