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The Way Dominicans Speak / Cómo Hablamos Dominicanos – Dominicanismos Dictionary

The slang used in Dominican Republic.

B – be

Baboso – (pronounced ba-bo-zo) idiot, to speak lies, talks way too much crap.

Bacano – one cool dude

Bago – person that does not like to work

Baisma – The Basement

Bajé con Trenza – (phrase made popular by urban music artists Kiko the Crazy and Cherry Scom 2021) Literally means to go someplace with braided hair. Changing your look to be trendy.

Bajo – bad smell

Bakebo – Basketball

Banca – place to place a bet, gamble (baseball, lottery)

Barajo – “eso se barajo” literally it was shuffled. Used when a plan was changed or did not happen.

Batea – metal wash tub, usually used for laundry

Bayonesa – mayonnaise in spanglish

Beepear – old style pager, beeper

Playing baseball in the campo
Playing baseball in the campo

Beibol – baseball (To learn more Dominican Baseball words)

Bélico – Something or someone does not look good. “Esa mujer es un bélico” / “That woman is unattractive or ugly.”

Bembe – (big) lips / Bembú-person with big lips

Bemberria – a small party for friends

Bengue – Ben Gay

Bidón – aluminum container,usually used to hold and transport milk

Bi Ma – Big Mac

Bloque – Sidewalk

Blumen – women’s panties, bloomers

Boca-aguá – someone who talks without thinking

Bohío – hut

Bolsa – be careful with this word. In Spain Spanish it is bag. In DR it is (ball) bag. We use the word funda for bag.

¡Bomba! – Wow!

Bomba Texaco - Texaco gas station attendants pump your gas
Bomba Texaco – Texaco gas station attendants pump your gas

Bomba – gas station

Bonche – party for a bunch of friends

Botellón de agua – the large 5 gallon blue jug of water that holds clean drinking water (agua potable).

un bote – boat

Bozo – big moustache on an old person

Brasier – bra

Brecha – spy

Brechador – (acechar – to watch) men who like to watch women

Brechero – peeping Tom

Brechar – someone that likes to brag a little

Buquí – when someone makes a pig of themselves

Bufeando – making fun of something or someone

Bufeo – relax

Bugarron – dominate gay man

Buquí – when someone makes a pig of themselves

Burén – flat griddle

Burriquero – The guy in the country that rides around doing errands for people on his burro, ie:runs to the grocery store


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