L-Dominican Food Dictionary

The Food of Dominican Republic / La Comida de República Dominicana


La Bandera Dominicana

– or la Bandera – (The Dominican Flag) This is the typical Dominican lunch of beans, rice, meat, and salad. (get the recipe opens in new window)

La Bandera Dominicana
La Bandera Dominicana


– Conch *NOTE – Dominican Republic does not permit fishing for lambi from July 1 until October 30 each year as this is their breeding season.


– Spiny lobster *Note- It is illegal to buy, sell or have in ones possession from March 1 to June 30 because this is the time when they lay their eggs.

Langosta - Spiny lobster
Langosta – Spiny lobster


– Milk. Leche de coco – coconut milk

Lechón Asado

– Roast suckling pig


– Papaya. This fruit can be very large or small depending on the variety. The soft fruit is great for heartburn. It can be eaten plain and also makes a great juice drink with milk or Carnation (batida)

Lechoza - Papaya
Lechoza – Papaya


– (also known as Genip, Genipa, Mamoncillo and Spanish lime) a fruit, looks like a lime but grows in bunches. Inside fruit is cantaloupe-colored and very sweet. The fruit is usually available in July and August.


Limon – Limonada

– The lemon but the green variety. The limon is a mix between a lemon and lime…maybe close to a KeyLime. You will most likely get the green version when you ask for a lemon. Of course, the lemon juice is mixed with sugar and water and is a refreshing lemonade drink.

Limon - Limonada - Lemonade
Limon – Limonada – Lemonade


– typical Dominican home-style rice dish typically made with sausage, squash, beans and other vegetables all served up together. A one-dish meal. It is very versatile and can also be made with Shrimp, Chicken Pork and other meats.


– A Dominican spicy sausage similar to chorizo. Longanesa can be used in a variety of Dominican dishes.

Longanesa - A Dominican spicy sausage
Longanesa – A Dominican spicy sausage

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