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All the information and resources you might need while visiting Dominican Republic.

Newspapers – Periódicos

Dominican Newspapers – Periódicos Dominicanos

7 Periódico de Digital que por todo el país / Digital newspaper for the entire country Tú marcas la diferencia / You make the difference

Acontecer Especializado en Noticias Económicas y Energéticas / Specializing in Economics and Finance News

Al Noticias en la red al instante! / The news on the internet in an instant!

Bajo Techo Digital – Información al mas alto nivel / The highest level of information

Cuidad a informar sobre acontecimientos en Cuidad Oriental / to inform on events in Cuidad Oriental

Police reading the morning newspaper on the Malecon.

Diario “Periodismo con valor” / “Journalism with value”

Diario Especializado en informaciones económicas, políticas y sociales / Specializing in economic, political and social information

Diario Noticias Dominicanas / Dominican News

Diario Su diario en la República Dominicana / Your Newspaper in Dominican Republic

Diario Periódico Digital Super TV55 / Digital Newspaper from Super TV 55

Diario Digital Noticias República Dominicana / News of Dominican Republic

Dominican Digital News of Dominican Republic in many languages

Dominican English language online news publication in the Dominican Republic – Daily news and active forum in English

El Caribe El portal informativo de la República Dominicana / The informative portal of the Dominican Republic

El Castrense Temas de Seguridad Nacional/ National security issues.

El Periodico de República Dominicana / News from Dominican Republic

El Nuevo Noticias de República Dominicana diariamente / News of Dominican Republic Daily

El Quisqueyano Periódico del país y del mundo. Vocero de las comunidades, que los periódicos tradicionales no recogen por estar muy apartadas o porque sus noticias no tienen la relevancia que ellos requieren./ Newspaper of the country and the world. Spokesman for communities that do not include traditional newspapers for being too remote or because their news not have the relevance they require. Promover el eliminación de actitudes raciales y discriminatorias en las relaciones dominico-haitiano / Promote the elimination of racial attitudes and discrimination in the relations Dominican-Haitian

Hoy El más leído en la red Dominicana / The most read in the Dominican Republic internet

Impacto Primer diario electronico exclusivo de beisbol de la República Dominicana / First exclusive electronic newspaper of baseball of the Dominican Republic.

Las Principales Dominican digital news instantly.

Listen El diario más completo de la República Dominicana / The most complete news in the Dominican Republic

Noticias Noticias e informacion actualizada varias veces por dia / News and information updated throughout the day La verdad siempre / The truth always

Proceso Digital Dominican Digital Newspaper updated 24 hours. News, economy, sports, politics and culture.

RD Noticias de Republica Dominicana actualizadas varias veces al dia / News from Dominican Republic updated throughout the day

Tecla Libre .com Periodismo Ciudadano / Citizen Journalism

Tribuna “El periódico que dice lo que otros callan por complicidad o cobardía” / “The newspaper that says what others will not talk about by complicity or cowardice”

Arte, Cultura y Sociedad Información / Art, Cultural and Society Information

Diario Social Toda la vida en la red / All the life in the network

Periódicos de otro provincias en República Dominicana/ News from other towns in Dominican Republic Noticias de San Juan de la Maguana / News from San Juan de la Maguana

Bavaro News El primer periodico de Punta Cana-Bavaro / The First Newspaper from Punta Cana-Bavaro

Costa Verde Rio San Juan, Cabrera, Gaspár Hernández., Nagua de la Norte / News from the North of Dominican Republic

El Periodico informativo de San Francisco de Macoris y el Nordeste / Informative News from San Francisco de Macoris and the North East

El Diario de la Frontera Noroeste / News from the northeast frontier

POP Regional News and Travel Information from Puerto Plata & the North Coast in English

Spanish newspapers from other parts of the world

BBC Noticias de BBC en español / News from BBC in Spanish

Holiday Calendar 2018

Holiday Calendar of Dominican Republic 2018 / Días Feriados 2018

Holidays – The Minister of Work announced the calendar for the celebration of the holidays for the year 2018 according to the law 139-97 / Días Festivos – El Ministerio de Trabajo anuncia el calendario para la celebración de los días feriados para el año 2018, establecidos en la Ley 139-97.

January/ Enero

1 – Monday – New Year’s Day / Año Nuevo
6 – Monday – Día de los Santos Reyes Magos – Epifania / Three Kings Day – Epiphany (what is 3 Kings Day?)
12 – Friday – Día de la Resistencia Heroica/ Day of Heroic Resistance (this is the first year for this day to honor the men and women who fought for a fairer society)
15 – to End of March – Whale Watching (the best place to observe is the Samana Bay)
16 – Friday – Chinese New Year (celebrations for the Year of the Dog in China Town)
21 – Sunday – Our Lady of Altagracia Day / Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia. (more information on Altagracia and a photo slide show of the Basilica de Higuey)
29 – Monday – Duarte Day celebrated. Juan Pablo Duarte was born on the 26th.(more information on Duarte).

February/ Febrero

1 thru 28 Las Fiestas de Carnaval Dominicano / Dominican Carnival Parties Carnival Dominicano/ Dominican Carnival celebrations happen all month. The weekends are when different communities hold their parades and celebrations. Usually the ultimate parade on the Malecon in Santo Domingo with the best of the best is held the first Sunday in March.
14 – Miércoles de Ceniza / Ash Wednesday – The first day of Lent
14 – Wednesday – Día de San Valentín / Valentine´s Day
27 – Tuesday – Día de la Independencia / Independence Day – Día de la Bandera / Flag Day. Dominicans celebrate February 27, 1844 as their Independence Day. This the day the country declared its independence again and retook the name República Dominicana (Dominican Republic). A constitution modeled on that of the United States was put forth in November 1844.

March/ Marzo

4 – Sunday/ Domingo The big Carnival Parade on the Malecon in Santo Domingo (ususlly held on the first Sunday in March).
26 – Domingo de Ramos / Palm Sunday
30 – Viernes Santo / Good Friday (long weekend from Thursday the 29th to Sunday April 1st)

Good Friday / Viernes Santo Procession in Colonial Zone

April/ Abril

1 – Sunday – one of the biggest vacation times here. How do Dominicans celebrate Easter / Semana Santa? Read all about it.
1 – Sunday – Domingo de Pascua – Semana Santa / Easter
30 – Monday – Día del Trabajo / Labor Day (official day May 1st) (long weekend from Friday April 27th to Monday the 30th)

May/ Mayo

27 – Sunday – Mother’s Day. (Always falls on the last Sunday in May)
The dates of all the Patronales/ Patron Saints celebrations are on the Patron Saint Celebrations Page.
31 – Thursday – Corpus Christi Day

June/ Junio

July/ Julio

29 – Sunday – Father’s Day (Always falls on the last Sunday in July)

August/ Agusto

16 – Friday – Restoration Day/ Día de Restauración (more information on Restoration Day)

September/ Septiembre

24 – Monday – Día de las Mercedes / Our Lady of Mercedes Day.(more information on Las Mercedes)

October / Octobre

8 – Monday – Día de Colón / Columbus Day

Calle el Conde, Zona Colonial, Día de la Constitución.

November/ Noviembre

7 – Monday – Día de la Constitución / Constitution Day (official date is the 6th but changed to make for a long weekend)

December/ Decembre

25 – Tuesday – Día de Navidad / Christmas Day (How Dominicans celebrate Christmas)
31 – Monday – New Years Eve (New Year traditions)
The dates of all the Patronales/ Patron Saints celebrations are on the Patron Saint Celebrations Page.

Navidad decorations at the Palacio Consistoral.

Be aware that on the long weekends the cities usually empty out as most people head to the beaches or the country. Hotels are usually booked to capacity with Dominicans enjoying the long weekends. The highways in and out of the city can be very congested with people coming and going.

How To Say Months and Days In Spanish


Monday / Lunes | Tuesday / Martes | Wednesday / Miércoles | Thursday / Jueves | Friday / Viernes | Saturday / Sábado | Sunday / Domingo

Useless Trivia

Dominican Republic Dumb Facts, Trivia, and Useless Information

Here are all those facts you always wanted to know but just did not realize you wanted to know them. These may be very helpful when playing the game of Dominican Trivia that is so popular now (joke).

If you know of any more interesting and pertinent items to add please let me know. Let’s compile a list of all the useless, dumb, facts that everyone does not need to know.

Good reading for those who are bored, have nothing else to do with their time or are looking for some non-important good junk.

Note: We here at Colonial cannot vouch for the truth of this information. Consider the things listed here as fun, maybe true, could be true, maybe not true at all, or complete crap. It is all in fun, or is it?

*The worlds largest pot of Sancocho was prepared at the 7th Dominican Fair at La Sirena February 12, 2007. After 5 hours of cooking in a four meter cooking pot three thousand people got to eat this yummy, typical Dominican dish. Eleven chefs and their assistants used 300LBS of beef, 250LBS of pork, 150LBS of chicken, 500 plantains, 300LBS of malanga, plus the other ingredients used to make this hugh Dominican dish. (for information on how to make Sancocho)

Cooking some sancocho over a fire

*Even though Santiago is the second largest city in Dominican Republic, as of 2006 the metropolitan area of New York City had a larger population of Dominicans.

*There is an old law dating back to Trujillo’s era. He had the highest peak in the Caribbean known as Pico Duarte named after him. Legally, because of some kind of mistake, it is still called Pico Trujillo instead of Duarte.

Dominican Republic flag among others

*Dominican Republic has the only flag with a bible in it. It was designed by a Vexillographer (flag maker) who was a vexillologist (one who studies flags ) and into Vexillology (the study of flags). More information on the Dominican flag.

*In the Colonial Zone on July 8, 2001 the Association of Spanish Festivities in Dominican Republic held the islands first bull run, a version of Spains San Fermin bull run. A three-minute bull run took place from Calle Atarazana, through Vicente Celestino Duarte to Cristobal Colon. Youths raced and the poor, confused bulls had no idea what was happening. It seems that the Dominican bulls were just too lazy, resulting in them having to be pushed through the streets, instead of them chasing the participants.

*Did you know that there was a small town in Dominican Republic where it was discovered and documented in the early 1970’s that girls turned into boys? It seems that children appearing to be girls turned into men at puberty. First girls when they reached puberty they grew testes, and a penis. They called these children ‘guevedoces’ which literally means “penis at 12 years”. Also known locally as machihembras (‘first women, then man’).It was published in the American Journal of Medicine. For pictures and more information

*The Austrian musician, Falco, famous for his electronic Euro-pop smash hit ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ in 1986, was killed in Dominican Republic. While on holiday in Puerta Plata the vehicle he was traveling in was involved in a collision with a bus. He died in hospital on February 6th, 1998 from head injuries at the age of 40.

* Huracan is a Taino (natives that inhabited the island) word that is thought to have come originally from the Caribs (a cannibalistic tribe that also inhabited the island). Huracan was the Carib god of evil and that word is thought to have come from “Hurakan” who was the Mayan god of wind and storm. (More about hurricanes in Dominican Republic.)

*The longest baseball game in the Caribbean Baseball Series had 18 innings. The game was 6 hours and 13 minutes long. Played at the Roberto Clemente stadium in Puerto Rico February 2, 2007. The Aguilas Cibaeñas of Dominican Republic won 4 to 3 over the Tigres de Aragua of Venezuela.
(more information on Dominican Baseball) Update – the Aguilias won the series for 2007!

A baseball game at the Estadio Quisqueya

*Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis Presley’s daughter) and Michael Joseph Jackson (Jackson 5) got married May 18, 1994. The ceremony was held at Casa de Campo in La Romano, Dominican Republic. Their marriage lasted only 20 months.

*Rush Limbaugh was detained by customs officers in Florida, USA when he landed after a visit to Dominican Republic. He had a bottle of 29/ 100 MG pills of Viagra with him and he didn’t have a prescription! Bad Bad Rush!

*Can you speak only using your nose? Dominicans are famous for their “nose talk“. A little twitch here and a little wrinkle there. The nose knows

*Did you know that the town of Nagua has its own slogan? “A Nagua tu entras si quieres, y sales si puedes” (translated, Enter Nagua if you want, leave if you can). Make sure to visit Nagua and you just may understand.

Watch a Barcelo rum television commercial taped in Nagua around 2006 and hear for yourself this slogan.

*Do you know what a Merentician is? It is a Merengue singer and Politician in one. Merengue artist Sergio Vargas is one.

* A man (boy) has to be 16 to get married and a girl (woman) needs to be 15 years of age. Even if the parents agree that the kids can be wed in matrimonial bliss most likely the government will not grant their wish. My thought: Many people here do not have birth certificates or birth records so how can they really prove their correct age? (they are trying to change this law now 3-17)

* Dominican Republic in position 74 of the 121 nations classified in the Global Peace Index in 2007 according to the British magazine The Economist, for reference The United States and Iran appear in positions 97 and 98. Norway and New Zealand are number 1 and 2. Sudan and Iraq come in the last place.
more information at:,,2091513,00.html

* Parque Colon is considered one of the great public places by PPS – Project for Public Spaces. It was voted on because of its vegetation, the nearness to historical landmarks, its accessibility, and its usability. They describe it as an “urban living room” and a “magic space”. (7/09)

Saturday afternoon in Parque Colon

* According to an independent research group in Britain that has the goal of building a new economy, “centered on people and the environment.” in their “Happy Planet Index,” that seeks countries with the most content people. Surveying 143 countries Dominican Republic ranked second in 2009. Each year our little island country makes the top of the list as do many of the smaller islands. Check out the map of the Happy Planet Index for 2011 and make sure you come and visit one of the happiest places in the world!