J-K-Dominican Food Dictionary

The Food of Dominican Republic / La Comida de República Dominicana



Jaiba – Cangrejo – Crab. You can find these being sold on the streets and beaches. They are tied into a bundle. Very tasty.

Jaiba - Cangrejo - Crab
Jaiba – Cangrejo – Crab

Jibia – Cachón. A giant squid

*Jonikaike also spelled Yaniqueque- Johnny Cake. Fried batter sometimes with different fillings but usually just plain fried bread.

Jonikaike   - Yaniqueque- Johnny Cake
Jonikaike also spelled Yaniqueque- Johnny Cake

*Jugo de avena – A drink make with oatmeal and milk sometimes with other flavors as well.


Kipes – quipes – A Middle Eastern – type food adapted to the Dominican style. Made of bulger (cracked wheat), ground beef and fried. Can be purchased on the street and in Colmados typically in the morning. Very filling and flavorful.

Kipe - quipe
Quipe – Kipe

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