Palacio de Borgellá

Palacio de Borgellá

The Palace of Borgellá is a beautiful 2 story building noted for its large colonial style arches and old Caribbean flair. This building, with its affluent style, was built in 1823 by Haitian Governor Gerónimo Borgellá.

Palacio de Borgella in the 1940s

Home of the Tribunal

In 1844 the building was the home of the Tribunal. Then from 1942 to 1960 was the seat of the Senate. In the 1940’s The Palacío was the government seat. The local men met here to relax and discuss the events of the times. It was also used as the location of the Haitian Government when they took over the country.

Palacio de Borgellá

This building was badly damaged during hurricane George in September 1998. It lost the front porch, which collapsed, and much of its facade, which is now restored.

Palacio de Borgellá. The location of the Colonial Zone Post Office.

This colonial building now houses the seat of the Patronage (who also takes care of the maintenance of the Colonial Zone), the Post Office and other offices.


Calle Isabel La Catolicá in front of Parque Colon.

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