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Sun Dial

Sun Dial/ Reloj de Sol

The historical sun dial, Reloj de Sol, is another of our UNESCO World Heritage sites. It was erected during the reign of Carlos III in 1753 and is one of the oldest sun dials in all the Americas.

The Reloj de Sol in the morning light
The Reloj de Sol in the morning light

The sun dial was used as the official time-teller in Santo Domingo. The face of the dial could be seen from the government offices in the Casas Reales. This way the government officials were able to record the correct time on official documents.

The faces of the Reloj de Sol
The faces of the Reloj de Sol

The dial sits in the center of the plaza Reloj de Sol. It sits atop a large stone pillar. There are two vertical dials or faces and a equatorial dial on top. The Southeast face is for the morning time to be seen and the Southwest side is for the afternoon hours. The large metal plate with its raised parts show the hours by the shaded markings.

On the very top of the pillar is the newer equatorial dial that was placed there in 1992. The original dial was lost during a hurricane.

Plaza Reloj de Sol, the sun dial and Casa Reales.
Plaza Reloj de Sol, the sun dial and Casa Reales.


: Calle Las Damas in the small Plaza Reloj de Sol.

Calle el Conde

Calle el Conde/ Street of the Count

Calle el Conde is the oldest commercial street in the city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán. It runs directly through the center of Colonial Zone from Puerta Independencia (Puerta del Conde) to the Malecon at Rio Ozama.

Puerta del Cond at the entrance to Parque Independencia at night.

This pedestrian only street is named after the Count of Peñalva, Bernardo de Meneses y Bracamonte, the captain general of Santo Domingo. Some of the manes this historical street has been called include Calle de la Separación, Clavijo, Imperial, 27 de Febrero and Real.

Calle el Conde at Hostos 1940’s

El Conde runs through the center of the colonial city. It is very easy to navigate your way around the city from this street, finding your way around the Zone quite easily.

The Escaleras Calle el Conde / Stairs of the Conde at the end of the street.

This is a very busy thoroughfare and was closed to traffic many years ago. It is 11 block cobblestone street is lined with stores, restaurants, hotels, homes and a variety of businesses, some open and others closed. There are all types of humans to see and some friendly street dogs also.

Buenagente, the famous dog, is taking a stroll down Calle el Conde.

There are people everywhere. Some selling their wares in the street and inside the many shops. Others are shopping or just taking a stroll.

Calle el Conde a very busy street.

It is one of the most popular shopping areas for Dominicans and tourists alike. Its fun to sit on one of the benches or open air cafes along Conde Street and watch the people passing by. You may even see a street performer or some impromptu activity from some passerby that you will remember forever.

A chess tournament on Calle el Conde


The street runs from the Puerta del Conde at its farthest west point. It continues on past Calle las Damas to the Malecon at its eastern end.

Parks and Plazas

The Zona Colonial is full of all types of parks and plazas. Some have benches where you can sit under the shade of a tree. Some are quite large and are great locations for concerts and festivals. Some are small and hidden away in some little corner where you would never expect to find a little resting place.

There is always a place to sit and rest while you explore the Zone.