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Car Rental

Car Rental In Dominican Republic

Renting a car is another transportation option but we do not recommend it at all. Driving is not easy, especially if you are not familiar with the island and the way Dominicans drive.

You have to be very alert and pay close attention when driving. Many of the Dominican drivers do not follow the usual road usage rules. Driving can be very difficult as many routes are not marked and some roads can be very treacherous. Another reason for not driving is that when you drive you may miss many interesting things happening in the street as your eyes will always need to be focused intently on the road ahead, behind, and on both sides.

Major Car Rental Companies

*Avis Contact:809-535-7191
*Budget Contact:809-562-6812
*Hertz Contact:809-221-5333
*McBeal Contact:809-688-6518
*National Contact:809-562-1444
*Nelly Rent-a-Car Contact:809-544-1800

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