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Weather Basics
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Hurricane / Huracán, Cyclone / Ciclon and Tropical Storm / Tormenta Tropical
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Hurricane Satellite Water Vapor – Cloud Cover Maps In Real Time – Links
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Earthquake / Temblor de Tierra
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Tsunami / Maremoto
Significant Tsunamis in DR | Districto Nacional Flood Zone | Official Warnings and Alerts | Warning Signs | Survival | Links to Tsunami Related Web Sites

Dominican Republic Star Map
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The weather here in Dominican Republic is tropical meaning that it is hot and hotter. Humid and humider…not a word but you get the idea.

There are many temperature variations depending on where you are located throughout this large Caribbean island. Coastal areas are hotter than in the mountainous areas. City areas are hotter than the countryside. Sitting water (in a bowl or bucket) can freeze at night in the mountains but it will melt fast as the sun rises.

Beat the heat on a Sunday afternoon.

Visit us and find out first hand about our weather and all the differences.