Pastelero / Pastele Vendor

The Pastelero Street Vendor sells Pasteles en Hoja yelling as he passes with his bucket “Pastele! Pastele en Hoja!”. Pasteles en Hajo are a wonderful food made with either platano or yuca stuffed with veggies or different meats and wrapped in a banana leaf or paper and boiled.

Pasteles en Hoja
Pasteles en Hoja

The Pastelero walks around carrying a metal bucket that holds hot water. Some Pasteleros are a bit more elaborate and have a cart they either ride on or push. The pasteles are staying hot in the water. They are wrapped in their little pouch of banana leaves. The vendor opens the pouch, places the pastele of your choice on a plate. He then offers a topping of mayonnaise, ketchup or hot sauce (these are in bottles hanging on the side of his pail).

These treats are very good as long as they are fresh and hot. Another must try food here in Dominican Republic.

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