Cocoero/ Coconut Street Vendor

El Cocoero street vendor can be spotted pushing a cart laden with coconuts (called coco here). At times this vendor will have a permanent spot and will not move his cart.

Cocoero selling coconut water in the streets of Colonial Zone
Cocoero selling coconut water in the streets of Colonial Zone

Coconut water is very fulfilling on a hot day and will give you a little energy boost.

Purchasing one of these green fresh coconuts can be tasty as well as entertaining and a little bit frightening. The vendor will grab the nut of choice firmly in his hand. He then will pull out a very sharp machete. Swinging the blade with great precision he commences to cutting off the top of the coconut by making slices in an angle around the top leaving a little point. One swift swipe across the top makes a small opening making the sweet water accessible. This water is called coco de auga.

Cocoero selling coco de auga ready to cut with his machete
Cocoero selling coco de auga


the sweet liquid can be one directly from the coco, which can be messy, or you can use a straw. You can also choose to have the man pour it into a foam glass. If you wish you can add ice (which will cost a little extra) and sugar to the liquid.

While you are enjoying your beverage the vendor may offer to cut the coco in half there is any meat inside. Out comes the machete again and with amazing skill he will chop the coconut in half. This will make accessing the white, semi-slimy meat inside easier. Eating the meat can be done directly from the shell using a piece of the shell that was cut away earlier or it can be placed in a cup.

The cost

is about $40 to $60 pesos, maybe a few pesos more if you want ice or sugar (as of 12/12).

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