D-Dominicanismos Dictionary


The way Dominicans Speak / Cómo Hablamos Dominicanos – Dominicanismos Dictionary

The slang used in Dominican Republic.

D – de

*Dame Lu (dam-e-loo) – a greeting “What’s up?” or “What’s happenin’?” literally give me light (enlighten me)

*Deguabine-someone in bad physical shape

*Deplayarse – laying around for hours doing nothing, maybe laying in bed and watching tv

*Detutanao – canceled

*¿Dime ave? (deemeh-a-be) “Whats up?” “Tell me what’s going on” (literally enlighten me, tell me so I can see)

*Dímelo? – sort of like “What’s happenin'”, “How are you?”, used much when answering the phone

*¡Diachi! – it’s a way to soften the word diablo (devil). Used in place of the word damn ie: “Diache! You look good” or Diache! I stubbed my toe. Also can be astonished or surprised. (gracias Tito for the definition)

*Dios te Bendigas – God bless you respond with “Amen”)

*Dí que – similar to saying “uhhmm”…in place of a pause in a sentence, uh el Dueño, el Amo – Landlord, Boss

*Dry Clean – to clean up yourself especially before a party or after going to the beach

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