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The way Dominicans Speak / Cómo Hablamos Dominicanos – Dominicanismos Dictionary

The slang used in Dominican Republic.

M – eme

(la) macaste – you did it wrong, or you messed up

Machucar or Machacar – to smash or crush (as in I smashed my toe.)

Mai – mom; mamá; mother

Maipiolo – someone that is a match-maker. Looks for a partner for another, fixes someone up

Mamajuana – A typical Dominican drink made with herbs and roots with rum, honey and vine added. Some may have animal parts added supposed to be good for men’s potency. (more information on mamajuana)

Mandamás – big shot, boss

‘Mano – short for hermano, brother. Used when greeting a good friend. “oye mi mano” (“hey my brother”)

Manso (man-so); Mansito – tranquilo; cool; relaxing; chillin’. Can also mean a non-aggressive domesticated animal.

Mala pata – bad luck, is the same as mala suerte

Mata – tree

Matantan – very street smart and hardcore individual

Maricon – gay man

Masamorra – athletes feet or foot disease

Mayimbe – boss, big shot

Medio Pollo – coffee with milk

Menta – mint, refers to all types of candy

Mishu – how to call a cat to come here (instead of saying pssspsssp)

Mol – Mall, as in shopping mall

Mono – monkey, a person that is annoying

Moños, greñas, pajón, corbeja, afro – used to describe frizzy hair

Montro (a) – dude, buddy, pal.

Morena, Moreno – the brown color of the skin. You will hear someone call out to another “Oy Morena!”

Moto – motorcycle

Motoconcho – motorcycle taxi (more on transportation Dominican style)

Muflé – a muffler

Muñecas Limé – these are a fancy version of the famous faceless dolls.

Muñecas Limé – the doll of limé was created in 1981 by sculpture Mere Liliana. The original is not made now but copies can be found in most gift shops around the country. It is a faceless clay figure in a long dress.

Mu, Muo – dumb

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