Catedral de Santo Domingo

Cathedral de Santa Maria/ The Cathedral of Santa Maria – Cathedral of Santo Domingo, The First in America / Catedral de Santo Domingo, Primada de América

The first church / cathedral in the Americas.

The full name of this marvelous cathedral is the Cathedral Metropolitana Santa María de la Encarnación. Originally when this church was built in 1514 it was a hut made of royal palms. It now takes up an entire block and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Aerial view of the Catedral de Santa Maria and Parque Colón.

Diego Columbus

(a little history of Don Diego Colón)set the first stone and since then many additions and changes have been made to the original structure. Spanish workmen began building the cathedral but left to search for gold in Mexico. This second church was much better, it was made of wood and the roof was palm branches. If there was rain there was no service. At the end of 1537 the roof was rebuilt the way we see it today. The front is dated 1540 and was completed in 1544. In 1547 the construction of the tower was stopped because it brought attention to the Fortress from marauders and people wanting to attack.

Catedral de Santa Maria view of the side from above.
Catedral de Santa Maria view of the side from above.

The church was worked on and designed by so many different people. This is why so many architectural styles can be seen in one building. There are Roman style arches and Gothic style vaults with some Baroque ornaments thrown in for good measure. All this only adds to the buildings originality and powerfully dominating look. It is built with the coralline blocks, as with many of the Colonial era structures, this building has been able to withstand the ravishings of time and humans both.

The front entrance of the Catedral de Santo Domingo, Primada de América.

The building historically

has been used as a slaughterhouse and a prison. It was a wine and provision storage facility used by the pirates when it was ransacked in 1586 by Sir Francis Drake.

The vaulted ceiling made to look like palm branches of the Catedral de Santo Domingo.

When you enter the cathedral you will feel a calmness come over you. Seeing the interior for the first time is a real experience. It is so quiet, relaxing, and overpowering and yet it has such a reverent feeling. Make sure to look up toward the heavens and notice the vaulted ceiling made to look like palm branches representing the original roof of the first church. There are many different chapels inside the large structure. The stained glass is magnificent. The mahogany alter, the carved animals, the statues, the high hammered silver alter, it is all so beautiful. It holds the mausoleums of some archbishops including Geraldini Bastidas. It holds the tombstones of Simón Bolívar. There is a touchstone on the wall where people of the Colonial City would come to the cathedral for refuge. They would touch the stone when entering and be safe from attackers. There is a painting dates from 1523 of La Virgen de la Altagracia. It is even said that Columbus remains were kept there until they were moved to the Faro a Colón.

The front of the Cathedral at night

Cost: Free but if you do want a taped tour there is a small fee. Mon.-Sat. 9-4; Sun. Masses begin at 6 AM Proper dress required.


The east end of Calle el Conde between Arzobispo Meriño and Isabel la Católica, Colonial Zone at Parque Colon.

Check out this Panoramic picture of the Cathedral and Parque Colon.

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