Quesero/ Cheese Vendor

The Quesero street vendor walks the streets with a covered plate on his shoulder filled with a wonderful tasting white cheese. He sells a very popular cheese called Queso de Hoja. It is a white string type cheese similar to mozzarella but a little stringier and with a slightly stronger taste that leaves a squeaky feel in the mouth.

You can see this vendor carrying a large platter, and having a plastic grocery bag hanging off his arm filled with bags and large crackers to accompany the cheese. The Queseros plate is usually covered with a piece of clear plastic wherein there are wedges of this wonderful flavorful white cheese are impaled with little wooden toothpicks. Many times on the plate are a few entire balls of this white cheese also.

Queso en Hoja
Queso en Hoja

You pick the piece you desire and the Quesero will give you a round cracker to go along with it. The price is usually around $35 pesos (as of 1/19)

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