Casa Diego Caballero

Casa Caballero

House of Diego Caballero

Diego Caballero (1511-1554), also spelled Cavallero, was the writer and Secretary of the Real Audience from 1511 to 1554. Caballero also owned one of the largest sugar mills of the time.

Casa Diego Caballero
Casa Diego Caballero

Casa Caballero was probably built in the mid-sixteenth century. Diego built many of the important houses of the era. Many of these historic buildings are still standing today. One of the most important buildings built by Caballero is the Casa del Santísimo Sacramento/ House of the Blessed Sacrament. It is located on the street as his home.

The sign on Casa Diego Caballero

Location: Calle Pellerano Alfau (originally called Calle de los Nichos). Between Calle Las Damas and Isabel la Católica. The small street is not for thru traffic. The street leads to the front door of the Fortaleza Ozama.

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