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Colonial Zone Map – Non-Responsive

Original Colonial Zone Map

This map is on the original non-responsive Colonial Zone-DR web page. The map will not look good on small devices.

There is a list of all the sights that are numbered that will work but the clickable links might not work correctly. These links will open in a new tab.

The old greyscale map has all the sights named and numbered. It was created to be easier to print out if needed.

The printable greyscale version of our Colonial Zone map

Colonial Zone Google Map

Colonial Zone Map

A Google map of the Colonial Zone sights, museums, monuments, parks, plazas and other points of interest.

Our map of Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo / Mapa de la Zona Colonial de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic / República Dominicana. It is a work in progress map of all the monuments and sights in the oldest city in all the Americas.

Make sure to view the map as large as possible so all the icons are not jumbled since there are so many sights in such a small area. Click the icon and a little pop up box will appear. This window will tell you what is in that spot and have a link to the page in the Colonial Zone web site for more detailed information.