The Creatures of Dominican Republic

On the island of Hispaniola in the country of Dominican Republic we do have some wild life to speak of. I’m not referring to the human-type of wild life, although this is here in abundance. The creatures, small and smaller are what we will include. The endangered, extinct and the creatures that thrive on this tropical island.

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Hispaniolan Hutia/ Capromyidae

Agouta or Juron/ Hispaniolan Solendon

Cacata/ Tarantula


Heteropoda Venatoria/ Huntsman Spider

Noseeums (biting insects)

The Hispaniolan Woodpecker/ Pájaro Carpintero de la Hispaniola

Hispaniola Boa/ Boa de la Hispaniola

Jaragua Sphaero

Assorted Pictures

The Village Weaver / Madame Sagá

Black Witch Moth

Under The Dominican Sea – Picture Album

A turkey and some Guinnea Hens.
A turkey and some Guinnea Hens.

Dominican Republic has no creatures that will kill you

Here we have no large animals to speak of. Nothing that is going to eat you alive, except for the mosquitoes (which I think should be considered as being the new national bird), and the no-seeums, that I have no idea what they look like but they leave their itchy red mark on the flesh. There are no really dangerous creatures on our island, other than maybe a rare crock, cayman, a scorpion, or a spider. Most tourists and people living in the cities never come across these things. Even the Dominican tarantula, known as the Cacata, is not an easy crawly to see. They usually don’t live in the cities and they usually only come out at night. Most of the cacatas/ tarantulas I have seen were thin anorexic spindly looking arachnids. I know people that have seen giant car-covering spiders carrying a cat away in its dripping fangs, lol. Really there are some very large spiders here but not quite that big.

Parrots are nesting in the holes of a wall.
Parrots are nesting in the holes of Ruinas El Hospital San Nicolas de Bari.

The Birds

The island seems to be inhabited mostly by birds, of all types and colors and lizards, of many sizes and shapes. There are the basic domestic animals not native to the island. There are many cows, goats, chickens and horses. You may even encounter a rabbit that escaped from captivity and made its home in the countryside. There used to be wild boars but they are almost gone and have only been spotted in the mountains where there is little human population.

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