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The slang used in Dominican Republic.

V – ve

Vacano – something is cool. “That’s cool” = “ta vacano”

Vacuencia – poop, fecal material; when you tell someone they are talking nonsense (shit). This one word can cover an entire sentence. “Your talking a bunch of crap!”

Vaina – (literally-vine) thing, “Give me that thing”. Can be used as an exclamation like “Damn!” (“Que Vaina!”) or can be used as if you were saying “That’s a shit.” ( “es a vaina”). This word can be used many different ways.

Vale – means a person from the campo/country person,

Veldá’? Son veldá – “Is it true?” (“Es verdad?”) “Yes, it’s true” (“Si, es verdad”)

Verdugo – expert

Vestida de Novia – another name for a beer. The layer of ice on the outside of the bottle.

Vidrio inglés – (English glass) animal poop, when you’re walking and you step on a pile of poop you stepped on an English glass.

Vientiocho – (28) crazy, loco

Viralata – used to describe a mixed bread dog usually brown, and the way they search for food in the garbage.

Vivaporu – Vicks Vapo Rub (a cure for everything)

Vividores – people who live of the money of others; ie. a man that lives on monetary gifts from another

Voladora – a small bus that has a certain route to follow

Volteo – when a plate is filled up with large portions of food

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