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The slang used in Dominican Republic.

P – pe


pa’ k – why, but why. “Pa’ k you do not talk to me?”

pa´allá – over there. “Where is the street?” “Pa’ alla” (said with an underhand swish of the wrist).

Pa’ po’ la – when you take leftovers from a restaurant to eat the next day

Pai – dad; papá; father

Pájaro – (little bird) feminine homosexual

Pajon – person with their hair all messed up and sticking out.

Palé – the lottery, it is a combination of first and second numbers of the lottery and pays 1000 to 1

Palero – from Trujillos era this was one of his security forces armed with heavy wooden bats

Paletera - street vendor that sells items from a box that resembles a large suitcase, pallet.
Paletera – street vendor that sells items from a box that resembles a large suitcase, pallet.

Paletero/a – street vendor that sells cigarettes, candies and gum from a box that resembles a large suitcase, pallet.

Paloma – love, gentile person.

Palomo – one who deceives in love. Game player.

Pampers – all types of disposable diapers

Pampara – can substitute for almost any noun. It is sort of a thing and can mean almost anything. (I really cannot figure this word out yet)

Pana, Panita – friend, partner, colleague. A friendly remark to greet a friend.


Panó or Panneau – the horses you see around that look skinny, like they are on their last leg, but are really very strong

Pantis – panties

Paracaídas – someone that goes to a party uninvited

Parao – person with good economic position. It is also a sexual expression talking about an erect penis

Parejero – a vain person, to be vain

Pariguayo – party watcher

Pasao – crazy, used when you disapprove of the actions of another person ”tu ‘ta pasao”

Patana – big trailer truck

Patatú – a person very upset; the person damn near got a heart attack

Pavo – turkey

Pecao - (pescado) fish for sale
Pecao – (pescado) fish for sale

Pecao – (pescado) fish

Pega Cuernos – unfaithful

Pegao – person who includes himself in an activity without being invited.

Pegote – a piece of something

Peje, Pecao – fish

Pelmaso – stupid; clumsy

(te) Pelota – to hit, strike


Penco – big, immense. Used mainly in the town of Jaragua

Pendejo – idiot, a person full of it.

Peo – flatuilation, fart

Perico Ripiao – the oldest type of merengue music made with guira, tambora (drum) and accordion.

Picaro – person who does not pay.

Picher – the person that receives and helps the people in a gua-gua

Pico duro – smart alec

Pilón in an out door kitchen in San Rafael, Baharona
Pilón in an out door kitchen in San Rafael, Baharona.

Piltrafa – (to be eaten by pigs) worthless, useless

Pín-pún – the same, equal

Pinta Labio (painted lips)- the name of the napkin that is used to wipe the tops of an opened beer bottle before drinking. Usually, a napkin is wrapped around the top of a bottle after it is opened for wiping because of condensation rust or dirt can get under the edge of the cap.

Pipá – (packed) when someplace or thing is packed tight with people, really crowded

¡Pipo! – (typical expression in the Cibao area) expresses surprise, “Wow!”

Pique – to be of bad humor, in a rage, not in a good mood “¡Tengo un pique!”

Plebo or playú – plywood

Ploplo – soft, flexible muscles. Slang for when the rear end (butt) of a woman is loose and bouncy.

Pluma – water spigot

Poli – cops; police

Poloché – Polo Shirt

Pone chivo – doubt, not trust

Popiwa – Persons who were raised with comforts and a good economic position yet they like the characteristic of people from lower classes, despite their good social position, want to pretend that they have grown up on the streets.

Popof – a high-class person (same as fifty-fifty)

Pote – a small sampling of something. ie. pack of ketchup or mayonnaise, a 1 serving bottle of rum.

(Tener) Prángana – to have a very bad economic problem

Prieto – Negro

Privity – (2012) A private or local party that goes on in barrios (neighborhoods) and other areas. Many times held in commercial businesses that are closed because of the curfew or restrictions imposed by the government to stop the spread of Covid-19. The word is an invention by Urban Singers.

Propina – tip, monetary gift

Pulpería – to be overwhelmed

Puta – slut


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