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The way Dominicans Speak / Cómo Hablamos Dominicanos – Dominicanismos Dictionary

The slang used in Dominican Republic.

P – pe

pa’ k – why, but why. “Pa’ k you do not talk to me?”

pa´allá – over there. “Where is the street?” “Pa’ alla” (said with a underhand swish of the wrist).

Pa’ po’ la – when you take leftovers from a restaurant to eat the next day

Pai – dad; papá; father

Pájaro – feminine homosexual

Pajon – person with their hair all messed up and sticking out.

Palé – the lottery, it is combination first and second numbers of the lottery and pays 1000 to 1

Palero – from Trujillos era this was one of his security forces armed with heavy wooden bats

Paletero – street vendor that sells cigarretes, candies and gum from a box that resembles a large suitcase, palet.

Paloma – love, gentile person.

Palomo – one who deceives in love. Game player.

Pampers – all types of disposable diapers

Pana, Panita – friend, partner, colleague. A friendly remark to greet a friend.

Panó or Panneau – the horses you see around that look skinny, like they are on their last leg, but are really very strong

Pantis – panties

Paracaídas – someone that goes to a party uninvited

Parao – person with good economic position. It is also a sexual expression talking about an erect penis

Parejero – a vain person, to be vain

Pariguayo – party watcher

Pasao – crazy, used when you disapprove of the actions of another person ”tu ‘ta pasao”

Patana – big trailer truck

Patatú – a person very upset; the person damn near got a heart attack

Pavo – turkey

Pecao – fish

Pega Cuernos – unfaithful

Pegao – person who includes himself in an activity without being invited.

Pegote – a piece of something

Peje, Pecao – fish

Pelmaso – stupid; clumsy

(te) Pelota – to hit, strike

Penco – big, immense. Used mainly in the town of Jaragua

Pendejo – idiot, person full of it.

Peo – flatuilation, fart

Perico Ripiao – the oldest type of merengue music made with guira, tambora (drum) and accordion.

Picaro – person who does not pay.

Picher – the person that receives and helps the people in a gua-gua

Pico duro – smart alec

Pilón in an out door kitchen in San Rafael, Baharona.

Piltrafa – (to be eaten by pigs) worthless, useless

Pín-pún – the same, equal

Pinta Labio (painted lips)- the name of the napkin that is used to wipe the tops of an opened beer bottles before drinking. Usually, a napkin is wrapped around the top of a bottle after it is opened for wiping because of condensation rust or dirt can get under the edge of the cap.

Pipá – (packed) when someplace or thing is packed tight with people, really crowded

¡Pipo! – (typical expression in the Cibao area) expresses surprise, “Wow!”

Pique – to be of bad humor, in a rage, not in a good mood “¡Tengo un pique!”

Plebo or playú – plywood

Ploplo – soft, flexible muscles. Slang for when the rear end (butt) of a woman is loose and bouncy.

Pluma – water spigot

Poli – cops; police

Poloché – Polo Shirt

Pone chivo – doubt, not trust

Popof – a high class person (same as fifty-fifty)

Pote – a small sampling of something. ie. pack of ketchup or mayonnaise, a 1 serving bottle of rum.

(Tener) Prángana – to have a very bad economic problem

Prieto – Negro

Propina – tip, monetary gift

Pulpería – to be overwhelmed

Puta – slut

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