F-Dominicanismos Dictionary


The way Dominicans Speak / Cómo Hablamos Dominicanos – Dominicanismos Dictionary

The slang used in Dominican Republic.

F – efe

*Fantamoso – person who likes to show off

*Fariseo – someone from another country that is not nice to the locals, a bad foreigner.

*Ferré/ Darce Ferré – to fix ones self up, to make up ones self

If you do not pay your fiao then you could be on the list of mala paga posted for all to see.

*Fiao – on credit, many Colmados and local vendors will take credit if they know and trust you.

*Fifty – Fifty – a high class person

*Fó – expression used before a word for a bad scent

*Fotostática – photocopy

*Fuego – used when you agree with something someone said.

*Fui – Normally this word means “I went” but Dominicans use this for the word culo or butt.

*Fulano, perensejo y sutanejo – used when you don’t know a persons name (what’s his name?)

*Fuljean – Full jeans..when a woman fills out her jeans nicely

*Fulillo /fuí – Anus

*Funda – bag, shopping bag (Spain Spanish the word is bolsa which in DR it is a mans ball bag (not nice))

*Fuñir/ Fuñe – to bother,annoy

*Freco – To get fresh (sexually or verbally), smart mouth (really spelt fresco meaning fresh but usually said without the “S” in this form)

*Fregada – bother, hassle, nuisance

*Freta – when a woman’s nipples are cold and erect

*Furufa – an ugly woman, not nice

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