El Frío Frío

El Frío Frío/ Flavored Ice Vendor

El Frío Frío, also known as yun-yun, is one of the more popular street vendors in Dominican Republic. His nice and cold and sweet ice is a must have on a hot Dominican day.

Making a shaved ice frio-frio in Ciudad Colonial

This vendor pushes a brightly painted cart yelling out “Frío, frío”. Along with him yelling is a buzzing sound made by all the sweet loving bees following along.

In this cart is a collection of glass bottles with many different fruit flavored syrups and a large block of ice. He scrapes the ice with a metal scraper, puts it in the cup and adds whatever syrup you would like. It is the same as a snow cone but the syrups are so much better, they are made with a variety of fresh local fruits.

Yunyun – Frio Frio – Snow cone – Shaved Ice

Some of the Frió Frió carts are equipt with little motors so they can make blended fruit drinks also.

Caution for the tourists

The ice may not be made with bottled water so beware. Always ask before you take a chance with ice in the street.

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