View of the Colonial City and Rio Ozama from the Puente Ramón Matías Mella (Puente de la Bicicleta)

Colonial Zone

The Colonial Zone

The Colonial Zone (in Spanish it is called Zona Colonial or Ciudad Colonial, also known in years past as Nueva Isabella, Ciudad Trujillo and Santo Domingo) is the oldest constantly inhabited city in all of “The Americas”. It is a small town nestled in the capital city of Santo Domingo on the most beautiful island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic.

Aerial view of the back of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo
Aerial view of the back of the Cathedral of Santo Domingo

The Colonial Zone is

the “City Of Firsts”.

We hold claim to the first cathedral, monastery, sewage system, university, customs house and hospital in the “New World”. Follow the 11 blocks of historical and fun-filled streets within this walled city holding the oldest permanent settlement in the New World. There are over three hundred pieces if history including the monuments, homes, streets and churches. In 1990 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) placed us on the World Heritage List. Come and meet the people and visit our museums, forts and historical buildings dating back to the time of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in 1492.

Duarte Park and the Church of the Dominicos
Duarte Park and the Church of the Dominicos

The “Zone” successfully blends the old and the new in a way like no other place can. We have a wide variety of restaurants offering many culinary styles that are sure to please your palate. There are bars and clubs with many different music styles for young and old alike. If you just want to sit and do some people watching there are many parks and plazas where you can relax and enjoy the soft Caribbean breezes.

Come and see for yourself what makes our town so special.

All You Want To Know About The Oldest City In The Americas