La Jupia

La Jupia

Jupio or Hupio is an Indian word meaning dead men come to life. The Jupia is the feminine version of the same. She was a spirit or ghost of the air who hides eating guavas during the day only appearing after dark in the form of a human. This spirit resembled a human in all ways with one exception; it did not have a navel. The Jupia did not have a navel because it was not born of a woman.

Interpretation of La Jupia by Artist-Illustrator Ray Wu

Many men have fallen for these spirit women and made love to them unknowingly. He found that just as they were reaching the loving climax his arms and love nest would be empty. It is very important to remember to always check and see if whoever you decide to make love to has a belly button. If not then you know you have been had by La Jupia.

Today this indigenous legend is still said to be seen by Dominican farmers and people who live away from civilization. Jupia is a ghost woman who visits, riding on a dark horse. Quietly, in the darkest night, roaming through the open fields….

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