Fruitero / Fruit Vendor

These fruiteros (vendors of fruit) can be seen on many street corners. Many have their own little spot and others bring their fruits to the streets.

A fruit plate from a local fruit stand.

They sell all types of fruits (pine/ pineapple, guineo/ banana, melon/ cantaloupe, sandia/ watermelon, either whole or cut up on a little plastic plate with a skewer to eat the luscious fresh fruit with. Many will ask if you would like honey/ miel drizzled on top of the fruit. Not only do they have many human customers but they have many bees enjoying the sweetness also. The price is generally $60 to $70 pesos (as of 2015)

Here come the mangos.

Fruit vendors in Colonial Zone

: (check the Colonial Zone map to find the streets)

*Fifa – The Smiling Fruit Lady has a little stall on Isabel la Catolíca and is usually there around noon. She also hits the streets to get to those who can’t come to her.

Fifa – The Fruit Lady

*A long time Fruitero is located near the entrance to Plaza España on Calle Emiliano Tejera. He is is a building halfway between La Catolíca and Meriño. You will notice a piece of fruit hanging in front of the door. He is there every morning.

A Colonial Zone fruit vendor. He is there every morning.

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