Take A Taxi In The Dominican Republic

Taxis can be found on most city streets. A taxi does not have any certain color or car type although there are some yellow cabs now in service. Most will have a small yellow taxi light on top of the car or a plack in the front window.

You can usually get a taxi within the city of Santo Domingo for about $160 to $200 pesos (11-2017) (prices have been going up as the gas prices raise). Try to have the correct change, especially if you are paying in foreign monies as drivers usually do not have change.

The best way to get a good price on a taxi is to call one of the major taxi services instead of using the ones on the streets or in front of hotels. Always ask the price first and if your not happy call a local company to pick you up.

If you’re at a hotel you may need to walk to the front if your getting a non-hotel affiliated taxi. If you’re in a restaurant or local business and need a taxi most will call one for you.

The safest night time travel is by a taxi direct to your destination. One thing that you should try to remember, for safety’s sake, is to ask the driver for his taxi number and remember it or write it down. If he does not have a number you may not want to take the ride. If you have the taxi number and there is any problem you will be able to give the driver information to the proper authorities. Also, if you know the person he will be more likely to go out of his way to make sure you are safe.

Airport Taxi

There are taxis available at all the major airports and their prices are usually posted. (2012-from Santo Domingo International Airport to Santo Domingo the ride is about $800 pesos). Their prices are usually the average going rate. Make sure to always agree on a price BEFORE you get into the car. If possible write down what the driver says so you can show it to him later if he decided to change his mind.

Santo Domingo Taxi Services

If you are coming to Santo Domingo write these numbers down and take them with you so you can call your own taxi and get the best rates.

There are many taxi services from which to choose. Check the telephone directory for taxis in Santo Domingo or your area or ask your hotel or friends to see what taxi is best in your location.

*Aero Taxi – Santo Domingo Phone-809-686-1212
*Apolo Taxi – Santo Domingo Phone: 809-537-0000
*Son Taxi – Santo Domingo Phone: 809-922-1313
*Taxi Conde – Santo Domingo Phone: 809-687-9000
*Use your UBER app to get a taxi in Dominican Republic.

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