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The slang used in Dominican Republic.

T – te

Tabaná – open handed smack on the face

Tacaño – when someone is cheep, does not like to spend money

Ta´en olla – bankrupt, broke

Ta’ Pagao – when you have a connection with an important person in a high position

Ta to – OK. If you agree with something said. or ¿Ta to?; “Is everything OK?”

Teipi – scotch-tape, adhesive tape

ténis – tennis shoes

Teshir – T-Shirt

Te da una galleta or cocotaso – to slap someone

Te e´plota – to strike or hit

Tibiar – (the Spanish verb is entibiar) heating up water or soup on the stove

Tigre – tiger. used to describe a person that is a go getter, will do what it takes to get what he wants

Tinaco – large tank on the roofs of many buildings used to hold water for the times when the water runs out.

Tingola – a blow to the Adams Apple (la nuez de adán) with the fingers

Tirijala – discussion

Tiro, cartuchazo o plomazo – to shoot a gun or fire arm

Tisica – sickly, skinny, or gaunt

Tráfico – traffic police

Tripea – joke

(que)Tripeo – “What a pity.” (“Que lástima”)

Tutumpote – person in a good financial and economical situation

Tufo – bad odor, bad breath

tu ta’ – (tu esta) you are – “¿Como tu ta’?” = “how are you?”; “¿Donde tu ta’?” = “Where are you?”

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