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Casa de Bastidas

Casa de Bastidas & The Trampolín Children’s Museum

This beautiful colonial house, constructed in 1505, was originally the residence of Captain Rodrigo de Bastidas. Captain Rodrigo was the Almojarife Mayor, Principal Royal Tax Collector, and governor of Santo Domingo. It is now home to the Children’s Museum Trampolín.

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Casa de Bastidas/ House of Bastidas

Casa de Bastidas seen from Calle las Damas
Casa de Bastidas seen from Calle las Damas

Rodrigo de Bastidas, the owner of the home was Honorary Mayor in 1512. This home was constructed specifically for him. After his death in 1527 his family and their descendants continued to occupy the home. The home is not constructed in the normal style of the time. It more resembled a warehouse, not an estate where people were to live. It was built this way to perform two functions. First to be used as a residence. Second, it was used as a storehouse and safe to keep the Crown revenues and treasures until they could be sent to Spain.

Casa de Bastidas as seen from inside the Fortaleza Ozama.
Casa de Bastidas as seen from inside the Fortaleza Ozama.

There is a plaque on the wall and a stone statue of Santa Bárbara above the door dating from the 18th century.

Casa de Bastidas with Santa Barbara above the door
Casa de Bastidas with Santa Barbara above the door

Entering the arched front doors is a vestibule that opens to a spectacular interior patio. The tree-lined patio is adorned with Roman arches and it an oasis. Many concerts and celebrations are held in this huge patio.

Trampolín, Museo Infantil / Trampoline, Children’s Museum

– Descubrir es Divertido / Discovery is Fun.

Trampoline is a children’s museum that is located inside the Casa de Bastidas. They hold many events in the interior patio.

Entrance to the Trampolín Children's Museum
Entrance to the Trampolín Children’s Museum

The museums desire in to spark the children’s interest in history and knowledge while making learning fun and interesting. It is an interactive place for children to learn about their Universe, Planet Earth, Energy, People and Society, Ecology and Ecosystems and their surroundings.

There are rooms for children’s workshops, a cinema theater, an outdoor theater, a cafeteria and library services. http://www.trampolin.org.do


Tuesday to Friday 9AM to 5PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 6PM. Entrance: RD$50 Children / RD$100 Adults (6/2015)


More information about the Casa de Bastidas and the Children¿s Museum.


Walk east down Calle el Conde where it ends at Calle las Damas. Turn right. Casa de Bastidas is on the left about 2 buildings down. Calle Las Damas, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo

Casa de Bastidas, Calle las Damas, next to Fortaleza Ozama.
Casa de Bastidas, Calle las Damas, next to Fortaleza Ozama.

Historical Sights of Colonial Zone

Colonial Zone, the oldest city in all the Americas. Live the history.

Fortaleza Ozama, one of the oldest forts in the New World

Colonial Zone

, Ciudad Colonial, Zona Colonial and once known as Ciudad Trujillo, is the oldest inhabited city in all of The Americas on the island of Hispaniola in the country of Dominican Republic / República Dominicana. It is a small town located in the capital city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

What now is the Colonial City was the original city of Santo Domingo before it grew into the large sprawling metropolis it is today. Río Ozama and the Caribbean Sea border the walled city. There are many historical sites that were built during the time of exploration, exploitation, and colonization of the “New World.” We have some of the oldest historical sites in the Dominican Republic.

Much of the original city can still be seen today. The cathedral, monastery, university and hospital are among many of the “firsts” located in the Zone. One can see the old world Spanish architectural and styles of the period in the 16th-century buildings, homes and churches. Many are still in excellent condition and are a wonder to behold.

Casa Reales and The Sun Dial

Colonial Zone (and the surrounding sectors including San Miguel, San Lázaro, Santa Barbara, and Ciudad Nueva) is a wonderful mix of the past and present. The old and new intertwine to make a unique travelers experience. Live the history. Walk our streets. Visit our Museums and Historical sights. Dine in our restaurants. Meet our people. Dance to our music. You will make lasting memories. Something you may remember for a lifetime.

If you are lucky maybe you just might come across one of the mythical jars filled with gold or treasure hidden in the walls of the houses of this Colonial settlement. Could this old legend be true? Many people living in the old city still believe.

The Colonial Zone was declared a World Cultural Patrimony by UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1994.

A little more about our history in a nut shell.