Christmas Decorations

Decorations Used for Christmas

Christmas trees and decorations used in Dominican Republic can go from simple to very elaborate. Many of the decorations are white in color. I presume this is to give the illusion of snow. Since the country is green year round, what would be so festive about having a tree this color? So, since there is no snow, it is a nice alternative for those looking for a white Christmas.

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A Christmas Tree on Calle el Conde


A Dominican tradition is the lighting and decorating of the Charamicos (which in Dominican slang is a dry tree branch). These items are Dominican folk art and can be found in abundance around the country during the Christmas season.

One can see Charamicos being made and sold on many of the street corners and in open places along the roads. These decorations are fashioned from straw, tree branches and pliable wood. They are made in the form of angels, cows, deer, some giraffe looking animals, pots, and wreaths. The nicer ones are painted in white and adorned with balls, ribbons and lights. In Santo Domingo, a good place to see and purchase these decorations is along Churchill Avenue between Ave. 27 de Febrero and Kennedy Ave. They have every variety and type of Charamicos one might fancy. If you want something special tell the men and maybe they can whip you up what is your heart’s desire.

An animal shaped Charamico.

Nacimiento – Creche – Nativity Scene

One of the most popular decoration is the traditional Nacimiento/ Nativity Scene. It is refreshing to see Nativity scenes displayed openly throughout the entire country. You can see the nativity displays in front of stores and Government buildings.

The Christmas display in front of the Palacio Nacional / National Palace (home of the Dominican Government) includes a Nativity scene.

A very special decoration for Navidad is the Creche with the traditional Dominican Muñecas Limé (information and history of the Limé Doll). Muñecas Limé can come in all shapes and sizes some are made of wood, white ceramic or just plain clay.

A Creche made from the traditional faceless dolls in the oldest Cathedral in the Americas, The Cathedral of Santo Domingo.

Flor de Pascua – Poinsettia

A favorite adornment is the Flor de Pascua or Poinsettia. This traditional flower is also known as its Christmas name Estrella de Navidad translated the Star of the Birth of Christ. This flower is known and loved the world over. The difference in Dominican Republic is that the flower grows outside and can get very large.

Last but not least are lights, lights and more lights!

Brilliante Navidad – Christmas lights

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