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Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate

If you are visiting The Dominican Republic is it advised that you exchange the currency from your country into Dominican Pesos De Oro. The Dominican Peso is the best currency to use when paying for goods and services, especially outside of the tourist areas. Always be to check the exchange rates of the currency you are planning to exchange first to make sure you are getting the correct rates.

BancoReservas on Calle Isabel La Católica in the Colonial Zone.
BancoReservas on Calle Isabel La Católica in the Colonial Zone.

The exchange rate can go up and down every day and sometimes many times throughout the day.

You can visit El Banco Central de la República Dominicana in Spanish and The Central Bank of Dominican Republic in English to learn about all the banking and money issues in the country.

This is a great tool for finding the exchange rate in Dominican Republic and almost any other country you might want to travel to. All you need to do is enter the amount of money and where it is coming from. I am offering two different exchange rate companies to check the rates as each is a little different sometimes.

Dominican Republic is the DOP (Dominican Republic Peso).

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Postal Service

Postal Zip Codes and services in Santo Domingo


The Postal Service is not very reliable in Dominican Republic but it is improving slowly. You can mail postcards and letters without many problems but important things it is best to send in a more secure manner. We suggest, if you do want to receive mail from other countries to get a Post Box. There are companies ( PO Box International, CPS-Continental, Jet Pac…etc.) where you can rent a box and they are independent from the government mail service. In the USA they give you a mailbox address in Miami or some other area. Then your mail is sent there. Then they bring it to the Dominican Republic. These private services are faster, more reliable and much more secure.

Zip Codes

in Dominican Republic / Código Postal Dominicano check El Instituto Postal Dominicano (INPOSDOM) / Dominican Republican Post website

If you are sending postcards while on vacation most gift shops sell stamps and will take care of mailing the card. The post office in Colonial Zone is on Calle Isabel la Católica across from Colon Park inside the Palacio de Borgellá.

Palacio de Borgellá. The location of the Colonial Zone Post Office.