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Los Indios De Las Aguas

Los Indios De Las Aguas/ The Indians of the Waters

According to Dominican legends, these Indians are the fabulous beings who inhabit caves. They can be found in submerged caves of rivers and lakes or inside the mountain caves. It is said that these were groups of escaped Taino Indians who kept up with their old traditions and ways. In order to do this they had to stay hidden.

Interpretation of Los Indios De Las Aguas by Artist-Illustrator Ray Wu
Interpretation of Los Indios De Las Aguas by Artist-Illustrator Ray Wu

These Indians are said to be very beautiful, especially the woman, because of her dark eyes, smooth black hair, and cinnamon colored skin. These beautiful women leave the waters on the nights of the full moon to detangle their long hair with gold combs.

Some say they do not bother people and are quite generous. They share their knowledge of natural medicines and possess old and powerful magic. Others say that they are dangerous and fear to bathe in deep waters and unknown areas. Some say the Indios de las Aguas leave their caves to look for the men who may wander near. These men are taken to their caverns never to be seen again.

The children are warned not to sneak off to the “Pools of the Indians” because these Indians may take them never to be seen again. The “Mano Negra” will reach up from the dark waters and drag them into the water never to be seen again.

Do you think this is a way for parents to keep their children home at night and away from dangerous waters or could it really be that there is a dark hand waiting to pull them down forever to be lost…

El Comegente

El Comegente/ The People Eater

According to the República Dominicana history at the end of the 18th century there existed an assassin whose crimes were so bloodthirsty he was named the El Comegente or the People Eater.

Interpretation of Come Hombre / Comegente by Artist-Illustrator Ray Wu
Interpretation of Come Hombre / Comegente by Artist-Illustrator Ray Wu

The bloodthirsty criminal El Comegente is said to look like an Indian with long black hair and small features. His body is well proportioned according to his size except for his feet, which were very small.

For a long time the people were terrified of Comegente because his crimes were so atrocious and horrifying. The story is told that he went to Haiti to learn the ways of witchcraft. He could be in many places at one time. He was able to cross the entire country in a night by using supernatural means.

The story says that he killed his victims using some sort of club. He could not be caught once his feet touched the water because when this occurred he immediately disappeared. He always left a putrid and nauseating scent in his wake.

The people had enough. They were tired of being afraid. They decided to band together and search for this assassin. He was finally trapped by a country farmer using a rattan witch basket called bejuco de brujas. The farmer tied up the Comegente and took him to the capital where he was condemned to death and executed.

This is not the humorous One-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater creature from the song that Sheb Wooly made famous in 1958. This People Eater is what legends are made of and it is said that he still roams the countryside with club in hand…


Chupacabra/ Goat Sucker or Evil Thing

The chupacabra is (supposedly) alien in origin and was brought here by a UFO. It is a living creature that looks like a hunched alien with a line of sharp spikes down the middle of it’s back exactly where the spine is located. It has gray skin that is part fur and part feathers. It has short arms ending with long nasty claws. Its legs are like a kangaroos. The chupacabra is said to be about 4 feet tall when standing erect. This gray being has huge red elongated glowing eyes, the better to see you with. They are said to be very powerful and people have reported seeing the chupacabra fly.

Could this be the real Chupacabra?

Creatures fitting this description were said to be spotted first in Puerto Rico in the mid-1990s. Then, a few years later, the chupacabra started showing up in Mexico, South Florida, Central America, and South America including the Dominican Republic. Although few people have actually claimed to see a real chupacabra many claim to have seen the works of this blood sucking alien being. Blaming the Goat Sucker for many domestic animals (cattle, goats, etc) that have been found dead with two holes on their neck. Their blood drained and their organs sucked out as well.

Or maybe this be the real Chupacabra?

Whether such a creature exists is a great topic of debate. Some of the happenings are probably pranks, yet there is a possibility of such a creature living with no humans have ever encountered it. Some people think it could be a bat-like creature. This small fast moving evil creature has been spotted on the roadsides and in fields. It seems to be frightened when hit by the light beams of a car or flashlight.

Is this a Chupacabra?

It is said that the goat sucker will also pray on sleeping humans. So, try not to sleep to soundly. You never know what type of alien being may be lurking, waiting. Waiting to take your life’s blood….