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The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. We have beaches, spectacular tropical forests, majestic and beautiful mountains that are difficult to forget. But, driving in the Dominican Republic may not be very spectacular from time to time.

Information in English and Informacion en Español

The view of the Caribbean Sea coast line along the Malecon in Santo Domingo
The view of the Caribbean Sea coast line along the Malecon in Santo Domingo

Information in English

Dominicans, in general, often do not adhere to traffic laws. It could be said that there are some roads in poor condition, lack of traffic signs in some places where they are necessary, in addition to the frequent power outages in the country. Because of these issues, I would recommend renting an experienced taxi and driver to make your stay more enjoyable with fewer headaches.

When you let SL Taxi do the driving you can enjoy all the beautiful scenery that the Dominican Republic offers without worrying about the roads or directions of the country.

Barahona, the road to San Rafael.
Barahona, the road to San Rafael.

Experienced Drivers

Our experienced drivers will provide you with a quality, fast, safe and reliable service. We provide the type of service that you expect and deserve. We have more than 15 years of experience in service and management serving tourists and locals alike; we are carriers with vast knowledge in the transportation of tourists throughout the country.

Sadiel Lorenzo and SL Taxi specialize in providing tourists with a service to make them feel at home, providing comfort, efficiency and courtesy for all our clients. Our prices are also very competitive, this together with our knowledge of the Dominican Republic, makes us your best option for any transportation and tourism needs you may have. We can be your private taxi driver or guide in English and Spanish language. We will meet your expectations when you visit the Dominican Republic.

We can pick you up at the airport and wait for your arrival and take you and / or your loved ones to your destination in a comfortable and safe way.

Do not hesitate to call in advance to set up a meeting time. We can also provide local taxi service to go to or from any local destination in Santo Domingo.

The view of Santo Domingo, The Caribbean Sea and Rio Ozama.
The view of Santo Domingo, The Caribbean Sea and Rio Ozama.

Our services include:

*Transfer from or to any airport in the Dominican Republic included: Las América Internacional, Santo Domingo (SDQ), La Romana Internacional (LRM), Herrera Internacional in Santo Domingo (Her), Punta Cana Internacional (PUJ)

*Transfer to a resort

*Tours with private and personalized tourist visits, or an excursion to Saona Island

*Tourist services to any towns or tourist spots in the country.

*Visit those secluded places in the safety of our comfortable cars and buses with air conditioners and wifi

*Well behaved dogs are welcome.

One of the beautiful streets of the Colonial City in Santo Domingo.
One of the beautiful streets of the Colonial City in Santo Domingo.

Let us drive for you so that you can enjoy the beauty and charms that the Dominican Republic offers. You can relax, stop to take photos, take your time while taking in the beautiful charms of our country while feeling safe and comfortable in our vehicles.

We are: SLTaxi & Transfer at your service

Call or email for more information and pricing.

Sadiel V. Lorenzo

Phone or WhatsApp – 809-610-8955

Email – sltaxiandtours@gmail.com or sadielvalentin14@gmail.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sadiel.v.lorenzo

SL Taxi and Transfer Santo Domingo Dominican Republic taxi service and transfers
SL Taxi and Transfer Dominican Republic taxi service and transfers



La República Dominicana es una de la más hermosa isla con playas, bosques tropicales espectaculares, con montañas majestuosas y bellas, difícil de olvidar. Pero conducir en la República Dominicana puede no ser muy espectacular de vez en cuando.

Los dominicanos en general muchas veces no se adhieren a las leyes de tránsito, se podría decir que hay algunas carreteras en malas condiciones, falta de señales de tránsito en algunos lugares que son necesarios, además de el corte de energía en el país, se le recomendaría alquilar un automóvil y un conductor con experiencia para que su estadía sea más placentera.

Cuando deje que SL Taxi conduzca, podrá disfrutar de todo el bello paisaje que brinda la República Dominicana para ver y hacer y no preocuparse de los caminos o direcciones del país.

Conductores Experimentados

Nuestros conductores experimentados brindarán a usted un servicio de calidad, rápido, seguro y confiable. Brindamos el tipo de servicio que usted espera y merece usar a su nivel. Tenemos mas de 15 años de experiencia en el servicio y manejo sirviendo al turista y lugareños por igual; somos transportistas con bastante conocimiento en el transporte de turista en todo el país.

Sadiel Lorenzo y SL Taxi se especializan en brindar al turista un servicio para que se sientan como en su casa brindando comodidad, eficiencia y cortesía para todos nuestros clientes. Nuestros precios también son muy competitivos, esto junto con nuestro conocimiento que tenemos de la República Dominicana nos convierte en su opción para cualquier necesidad de transporte y turismo que pueda tener. Podemos ser su taxista o guía privado proporcionando el idioma inglés para poder suplir su expectativa cuando visite la República Dominicana.

Podemos recogerle en el aeropuerto y esperar su llegada y llevarlo a usted y / o sus seres queridos a su destino de manera cómoda y segura.

No dudes en llamar con bastante anticipación o antelación si deseas que el servicio de taxi local vaya hacia o desde cualquier destino local de Santo Domingo.

Nuestros servicios incluyen:

*Traslado desde o hacia cualquier aeropuerto de República Dominicana incluido : las América Internacional, Santo Domingo (SDQ), La Romana International (LRM), Herrera Internacional en Santo Domingo (HER), Punta Cana International (PUJ)

*Traslado al resort

*Tours y visitas turística privada y personalizada,o una excursión a la Isla Saona

*Servicios turísticos a cualquier pueblos o puntos turísticos del país.

*Visite aquellos lugares apartados en la comodidades de nuestros automóviles y guaguas confortables con aires acondicionados y wifi.

Permítanos conducir para usted y para ustedes para que puedan disfrutar de la belleza y encantos que brinda la República Dominicana para ver, relajarse, parar o detenerse hacer fotos en los bellos encantos de nuestro país seguro en nuestras unidades. Llame o envíe un correo electrónico para obtener mayores información y precios.

Somos: SL Taxi & Transfer a su servicios

Sadiel V. Lorenzo

Telephone y Whatsapp – 809-610-8955

Correo electrónico – sltaxiandtours@gmail.com o sadielvalentin14@gmail.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sadiel.v.lorenzo

Helpful Hints – Driving Public Transportation

Driving and Using Public Transportation

Some helpful hints and ideas when traveling that could make your time in The Dominican Republic more enjoyable. I highly advise that you do not drive until you know the ways of the road. Taking public transportation or a taxi is much easier than trying to drive yourself.

Morning rush hour traffic crossing the Puente Flotante / Floating Bridge coming into Santo Domingo.
Morning rush hour traffic crossing the Puente Flotante / Floating Bridge coming into Santo Domingo.

Driving is done on the right side of the road.

Right turn on red is permitted.

Most Dominicans do not drive at night, especially outside of the city. Most roads are not well lit so you cannot see the obstacles. Many roads are bad. Some are very good then they suddenly will have a giant rut or change in an instant to a dirt road. You must always be alert. Also, headlights do not function the best here. Many cars do not have lights, they do not use lights or they always have the high beams on. Many Motor Cycles do not have lights at all and are very difficult to see.

A dark highway without and street lights on the return to Santo Domingo.
A dark highway without and street lights on the return to Santo Domingo.

Fill up the gas tank of your car if you are driving and keep an eye on it, especially if leaving the city or going out at night. Gas stations are few and far between in rural areas. The stations are not self serve. Be alert and keep an eye on the attendants pumping your gas to be sure that no adds-ons are happening to your bill. Many of these attendants are good at deceiving. Some will charge for gas they did not put into your tank giving them a little extra money in their pockets.

An unwritten rule of the road. The bigger your vehicle the more rights you have. Little guys get out of the way for the big boys.

Traffic on the streets of Santo Domingo.
Traffic on the streets of Santo Domingo.

Speed limit signs are in KM’s, not miles, so be aware of this. Even if the speed is posted it is not USUALLY enforced. It all just depends on the mood of the officer that day or the officer might need a little extra cash in his pocket.

If you are driving keep some change handy in the car. This way you will not have to reach into your pocket to give money. The person that helped you park, the attendant, the passing beggar, the guy that just washed your windshield (even if you did not want it), all want a handout. Also, many of the toll roads are the type where you throw change into the bin. It is always easier to have change handy instead of having to make change at the booth.

A toll booth in Santo Domingo.
A toll booth in Santo Domingo.

Someone most likely will approach you when you park your car. They will offer to watch your car for a price. Give them a small amount and tell them you’ll give them more when you return. This way they MIGHT pay more attention to your vehicle to make sure it is safe in the street.

Pare / Stop and other directional road signs on the road to La Romana.
Pare / Stop and other directional road signs on the road to La Romana.

Traffic laws are similar to those in the United States. In Dominican Republic drivers, in general, do not pay attention to the driving laws. Turns are made from opposite sides of the roads and turn signals are just pretty lights. Cars are known to stop without any warning and in the center of the road. So when driving always watch closely to what is going on around you. People drive aggressively. They do not yield or give right-of-way. Stop signs (Pare) are a rare sight and even if you do see them not many pay attention to them. *Note: They are starting to watch more for traffic violations. If you have a large violation or crash you could have your car taken or go to jail, even if you are a tourist.

Try and practice the word no or better yet the “I don’t see you or hear you” look. If you are not good at either of these make sure your window is wound up when you are at a stoplight. There are many vendors trying to sell items to people at stop lights or any place where cars are stopped on the streets. If you purchase anything be sure to get the item in your hand before you give the cash. There are also beggars at street stops asking for a handout. If you wish to give a little change that’s ok, if not don’t make eye contact or acknowledge their presence.

Traffic can be very chaotic on the city streets.
Traffic can be very chaotic on the city streets.

Seat belts are the law here. Many laws are not enforced but this law is one of the few that they are very strict about. Using a cell phone while driving..DON’T! This is another thing that WILL get you in trouble if the police see you. Going through a stop sign you might and might not get a ticket. Talking on a cell phone when driving WILL get you a ticket. Use a hands free device.

Pedestrians tend to step out into traffic and do not pay attention to cross walks, corners, or traffic signals even though they DO NOT have the right-of-way. People cross everywhere. Even on the busy highways and interstate roads. Be cautious, you do not want to hit someone or even bump into them.

Traffic jam in Santa Barbara with pedestrians trying to direct the traffic.
Traffic jam in Santa Barbara with pedestrians trying to direct the traffic.

Motorcycles and motor scooters outnumber the cars in the Dominican Republic. The drivers are supposed to wear helmets. Sometimes this law is enforced and other times it is ignored. Motor drivers will work their way through traffic while everyone is stopped at an intersection to get to the front of the line. They drive on the sides of the road and even on sidewalks. Many do not have lights. They drive the wrong way on the roads. This is not true for all motorcycle drivers just most. You need to remember that a motorbike could be anywhere at any time and at any place.

Do not leave your purse or belongings on the seat near you if your windows are down. Keep them on the floor between your feet with the strap held or wrapped around your leg. Grab and runs are very common.

When talking on your cell phone use caution if the window is down. I know many people that have had their phones torn from their hands while talking from someone in the street or a motorbike passing by.

A dirt road in the campo. Little girls are rolling tired down the street.
A dirt road in the campo. Little girls are rolling tired down the street.

Watch when you open your car door. There may be a motorcycle driver coming up the side of the road.

Watch out for Horse carts. They move slow and are found in many of the streets. They also cross in front of cars with no regard for their surroundings.

Goats taking a stroll down the street near Lago Enriquillo.
Goats taking a stroll down the street near Lago Enriquillo.

There are no large wild animals in Dominican Republic. No deer or skunks to watch out for in the street. There are goats, horses, pigs and cows that do like to hang out in the streets. Even in the cities. Be aware!

A vehicle crash on the street going to Barahona. People usually gather around to see what is happening.
A vehicle crash on the street going to Barahona. People usually gather around to see what is happening.

If you do have a wreck try and resolve the incident without police help if possible. Give the other driver some cash and get out of there unless it is a serious crash with injuries. Remember, if you have a wreck you may not be able to leave the island if there are any problems. You could end up in jail until it is resolved.

Driving while drinking is not permitted. The country has been cracking down on drinking and driving so be aware. If you are in a wreck or do a traffic no-no drunk you’ll be in big trouble. Even though they say no drinking and driving, many people do and the police really do not pay much attention unless you look like you are doing something wrong or make a mistake.

Public Transportation

The larger tour busses are quite comfortable and clean. They have air conditioning that can get VERY COLD. Remember to take a jacket or wrap with you. Most likely you will need it.

When riding a bus some can get very noisy. Dominicans do like to listen to their music loud and they think everyone likes it that way also.

Loading up the guagua from San Jose de Ocoa to Rancho Arriba.
Loading up the guagua from San Jose de Ocoa to Rancho Arriba.

When riding a local bus or Guagua they can get loud and are many times dirty and crowded. Many of the smaller guaguas or busses do not have air conditioning so you have to open the windows. They can make many stops along the route. You could even be riding with a box of chickens in the back! So relax and try and enjoy the experience. Nothing much else you can do except getting upset (which does not help) or you can get off the bus. Remember, when stops are made watch for a might-be thief putting his hand into the window to take what you have when you are not paying attention and cannot make chase. It happens often so be aware.

Motor transport can come in many forms. Be careful.
Motor transport can come in many forms. Be careful.

I strongly suggest, especially if you are not familiar with the country, get a taxi or use public transportation. Do Not rent a car to travel around the country. Driving is not easy here. If you get in any type of accident you may not be able to leave the country until it is resolved. Remember, the police do not get paid much money (in general, basic pay can be less than $200 US Dollars a month). This is not enough to raise a family so many of the police do look for tips (regalas). Some spot a tourist and will pull them over and ask for money or they will give you a ticket or take you to jail. It is up to you, but I suggest try not to give money or give a small amount just to get out of the problem. Do not let them see how much money you have. Do not get too aggressive in your argument with them (a little arguing is expected). Many say to make a copy of your drivers license and give this to them instead of the original. Again I suggest, just to be safe, use a taxi. *note- I do not know about the police asking for a tip first hand. This is only what I have been told by other Expats and Dominicans alike. I have never had a problem with this in my years in the country. I do always use a taxi or public transportation.

When taking a taxi always ask before hand what the fare will be. This way you can decide then whether to take that car or not. Once you have taken the ride you have no choice but to pay what he asks. I used to make them write down the price so they could not change it later.

Driving through the tunnel in Santo Domingo.
Driving through the tunnel in Santo Domingo.

When using public transportation be aware of your surroundings. Watch who is close to you, bumping into you or making loud noises can be to distract you into not paying attention to the hand reaching into your pocket or worse.

The Public cars are convenient and inexpensive. I strongly suggest that you do not use Public cars at night. Best to take a taxi. Official registered public cars will have an ID badge in the car with the drivers picture and their identity number.

Have the money to pay the driver or bus attendant in your hand or in a convenient place away from your other monies. This way you will not be showing how much money you have to all the passengers.

The highway to Miches. Sometimes the road just is not there any longer.
The highway to Miches. Sometimes the road just is not there any longer.

Always try and smile and be nice to the driver. Tell them thank you. If possible, in a public car, say the drivers name when speaking to him. This way they know you know who they are.

Look in the car first. If you don’t like the look of the driver or passengers (most likely you won’t like the look of the car, but this is normal. Can’t be too choosy with this point) don’t get it. Wait for the next car to pass. The Dominicans do this so you can also. It is better to be safe than sorry. Follow your feelings and instincts.


Take A Taxi In The Dominican Republic

Taxis can be found on most city streets. A taxi does not have any certain color or car type although there are some yellow cabs now in service. Most will have a small yellow taxi light on top of the car or a plack in the front window.

You can usually get a taxi within the city of Santo Domingo for about $160 to $200 pesos (11-2017) (prices have been going up as the gas prices raise). Try to have the correct change, especially if you are paying in foreign monies as drivers usually do not have change.

The best way to get a good price on a taxi is to call one of the major taxi services instead of using the ones on the streets or in front of hotels. Always ask the price first and if your not happy call a local company to pick you up.

If you’re at a hotel you may need to walk to the front if your getting a non-hotel affiliated taxi. If you’re in a restaurant or local business and need a taxi most will call one for you.

The safest night time travel is by a taxi direct to your destination. One thing that you should try to remember, for safety’s sake, is to ask the driver for his taxi number and remember it or write it down. If he does not have a number you may not want to take the ride. If you have the taxi number and there is any problem you will be able to give the driver information to the proper authorities. Also, if you know the person he will be more likely to go out of his way to make sure you are safe.

Airport Taxi

There are taxis available at all the major airports and their prices are usually posted. (2012-from Santo Domingo International Airport to Santo Domingo the ride is about $800 pesos). Their prices are usually the average going rate. Make sure to always agree on a price BEFORE you get into the car. If possible write down what the driver says so you can show it to him later if he decided to change his mind.

Santo Domingo Taxi Services

If you are coming to Santo Domingo write these numbers down and take them with you so you can call your own taxi and get the best rates.

There are many taxi services from which to choose. Check the telephone directory for taxis in Santo Domingo or your area or ask your hotel or friends to see what taxi is best in your location.

*Aero Taxi – Santo Domingo Phone-809-686-1212
*Apolo Taxi – Santo Domingo Phone: 809-537-0000
*Son Taxi – Santo Domingo Phone: 809-922-1313
*Taxi Conde – Santo Domingo Phone: 809-687-9000
*Use your UBER app to get a taxi in Dominican Republic.

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